Sunday, January 24, 2010

As You Wish - Jackson Pearce

As You Wish

 This is one of those books that you stay up late reading and finish really quickly because it is addictive.

Seriously, it was a light read, about a high school girl who summons a genie and can't figure out what to wish for, and then her relationship with the genie takes on a new level.

He is pretty cute though.

What I liked about this was the characters.  I so totally identified with Viola.  She was this lonely girl who couldn't figure out where she fit in and spent a lot of time painting.  This was me in high school exactly.  Her best friend was her ex-boyfriend Lawrence who came out, and by doing so, became pretty popular because all the girls wanted a gay friend to do whatever it is gay guys do with girls which probably involves shopping.  Viola wasn't so interested in this aspect of having a gay friend, but she was still hurt from not belonging with him when they'd been friends since they were kids.

You remember that first rejection.  It isn't much fun.  It might even still hurt.

Still, Lawrence does care about Viola, and wants her to be happy, and knows she's not.  When she summons Jinn (it was a complete accident, I swear), she isn't sure what to do, and since she spends so much time trying to figure out how to not waste her wishes, she has to end up revealing Jinn to Lawrence.

So they all end up palling around together though no one else can see Jinn unless she tells him to let people see him.  He pretty much has to do whatever she says.

Sounds hot, don't it?

Ahh, but remember this book is for ages 12 and up, so there is nothing kinky or scandalous.  Don't shy away because you are not 12, because remember I am 25 and I loved it.

So that's the basics of the book.  She ends up really liking Jinn, only he can't really be her boyfriend because he is an immortal who lives in Caliban when he's not granting wishes for mortals.

Hey, at least he doesn't want to suck her blood and kill her (I'm looking at you, Edward Cullen).

This book will most likely appeal to you more if you're a girl.  Or maybe a sensitive guy.  Or a gay guy.  But most likely if you're a girl.

I searched the internet for other reviews of this book, and found that most people who read it quite liked it.  The people who didn't however, well, let's take a look at what they said:

"I really liked the premise. It's nothing original, as Disney has already tackled the genie idea, but I liked that it's a modern replication of the idea"

Yes, this book is so much like Aladdin.  Since Princess Jasmine falls in love with the genie and all, and Aladdin is actually gay. :\

"But still...the setting here was very unoriginal. High school in all its mucky glory."

Yes, because you know, teenagers HATE reading about people in high school; they complain about it all the time.  They would much rather read about teenagers in nursing homes.  Of course.

"Darling book, but I had to bump it down to 3 stars because a cute girl in the book had to throw out the F word."

WHAT?!  Someone says the F word?!  You mean, twelve-year-olds haven't heard that one? And a cute girl said it?  Why couldn't an UGLY GIRL say it, if it had to be said?

"Jinn and Viola are supposed to be different people, but somehow, their voices just blend together so that I can't even distinguish the two characters anymore."

Yes, it is so hard to tell the difference, when one is talking about his mythical home and wondering what gives with these mortals and the other is sitting around trying to figure out who she is.  It's like the SAME THING.

"This book is terrible! The switching of views confuse me and the characters are dull. The story idea is very good,but this story is failure!"

It is FAILURE.  Who can keep up with a book that has more than one viewpoint, honestly? I mean, who even writes books with more than one viewpoint?  Like that third person omniscient style that they teach you about in school?  Nobody uses that!  People can't keep up!

"I have to admit I didn't finish it, but that's because I got halfway through and I just couldn't bare wasting any more time trying to read it." 

You couldn't bare time? You mean, you had to keep time fully clothed?  And then you still gave it three stars, even though time was not naked and you didn't finish it?

So in conclusion, I would to point out that while this book may not be everyone's style, because it's not, the people who think it is bad are not always the brightest crayons in the box.

However, Jackson Pearce is going to be writing lots more books.  Her next one will involve Little Red Riding Hood and werewolves.  Seriously.  I will review that in a few months.  And you can preorder it in the meantime: Sisters Red

She also has a website and youtube channel, featured on your right.  Check them out; she will make you laugh and stuff.

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