Monday, January 25, 2010

My Soul To Take - Rachel Vincent

I was wary of this one, since it is the debut of Harlequin's Teen line.
Yes, Harlequin now has a teen line.
They have other books such as Intertwined (Harlequin Teen) and Elphame's Choice, but I haven't read those.  Those ones are by somewhat more famous authors (Gena Showalter and PC Cast), but this series, Soul Screamers, is the only one that looked interesting to me.
And it's actually pretty damn good.  For one, it has an original supernatural quality, in that the main character, a teenage girl named Kaylee, is a banshee.
Seriously!  A teenage banshee!  That is so freaking cool!
She doesn't know what is wrong with her for years though, because she just knows someone is going to die and then seems to have a sort of seizure, and ended up in a hospital once, and since she lives with her aunt and uncle, she's kind of lost as it is, since her mother is dead and her dad lives in Ireland, and she's in the US.
But then she meets Hot Dude, Nash.  And he says, "Guess what?  You're a banshee!  Me too!  Let us make out and solve the mystery of why all these chicks keep dying."
And then all kinds of problems break loose, though of course her relationship is going just fine, thank you, because THESE CHICKS KEEP DYING.
This makes things interesting, because Kaylee finds out she can keep people from dying by screaming a lot and working together with Nash.
Now, this is another girl type book, since this is Harlequin we're dealing with.  The second one, which I will review once I read it, My Soul to Save (Harlequin Teen), looks even more interesting, because apparently there are people who sold their souls or some kind of crazy crap like that.
I have to say, for Harlequin, the romantic elements are not that interesting.  They're pretty much dating because they're the same species.  But the concept and the action should keep you interested.
Oh, and I know the second one has a quote on the back saying it should delight Twilight fans, but try not to hold that against it.  They say that about anything these days so they can sell more.

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