Monday, January 18, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why- Jay Asher

The premise of this book is basically:
1. Hannah Baker killed herself
2. There are thirteen reasons why she did that.
3. If you received these tapes, then you’re one of them.

On this happy note, we continue Clay Jenson’s story. “What did I do? I liked her, I wanted to date her.’ So he listens to the tapes.
And he finds out that the people he knows are pretty much all shitheads.
They made out that Hannah was a skank. That she was cheap and easy, and free game for anyone. “Best ass in the freshman year.’
But that wasn’t who she was.
Then Clay gets to his tape.
But that is a spoiler, and I don't want to ruin it for you.
There was one class they took, in which everyone writes something nice about someone and puts it in a bag for them to read later.
But one of the kids stole all the notes in her bag so that she would never be able to read them
Yeah, total jerk. I know, right?
And the rest of the tapes are basically, ‘look at what they did to me. Look at what they did to her. Look at what she did to them. And look at what she is still doing to everybody.’
And most of the people on the tapes still feel like it was her own damn fault.
Because people do that, you see; they like to blame other people for their problems. ‘If you have a problem, it is because you are inadequate and it’s your problem, not mine, not anyone else’s.’
Clay though, is a great person.
And he understood what happened.

Sometimes, if no one really reaches out, someone who can understand and actually help, then they’ll give up, but if someone actually sees what is going on, maybe, though it’s too late for Hannah Baker, she’ll still let you see how you can save someone else.

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