Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful Creatures- Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Have you heard of this?
It came out in November.
Someone already bought film rights for it.
There are going to be like five sequels.
In other words, this is GOOD.

Here we have a supernatural romance set in small town South Carolina.  Everyone in town is still obsessing over the War of Northern Agression.

Ethan doesn't like there.  He thinks the people are boring and he really doesn't want to participate in a Civil War Reinactment. His mom died, his dad is absolutely nuts, so he's raised by the Voodoo practicing housekeeper.
She's the niece of the town outcast.  Her name is Lena . . . but maybe it's not. Voodoo housekeeper says, 'stay away from that girl.'
We all know that doesn't work.

She's different.  And pretty.  And he saw her in his dreams.
She saw him too.
She also has special powers. 
The other kids don't like her.  Ethan can't get her out of his head.

It turns out they communicate telepathically.
And Lena is a Caster, which is like a witch, only . . . not.
But Ethan is just a regular guy.  So no one can figure out what's going on there.
And they fall in love.
However . . . there is a curse on their families.
It started during the Civil War with one of Lena's ancestors and one of Ethan's great great great uncles.
They were in love too.
But someone shot Ethan the first, and then Genevieve did something wrong.
Very wrong.
So wrong that Lena may become evil on her sixteenth birthday without her consent. It happens to all her family members.

Uh oh.

This book is NOT Twilight.  It is however, the sort of thing Twilight tries to be. Supernatural romance, small town, some sort of issue in the relationship, one is mortal, the other is . . . something else . . .
But I assure you: Lena does NOT want to eat Ethan.
Doesn't mean he won't die because of her though . . .

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