Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fallen - Lauren Kate

This book definitely wins the 'OMFG this cover is GORGEOUS' award.
Because honestly, it's so pretty I want to hang the book on my wall.  Maybe in a nice glass box or something. With gold edges.  I can't bring myself to put it on my bookcase, because then I would only see the spine.
I read about this book in Publisher's Weekly, then quickly forgot the title.  I remembered thinking it sounded fascinating, because it had the doomed love through the ages reincarnation type thing, which I drool over because I'm secretly a hopeless romantic teenage girl (shh don't tell anyone, it's a SECRET).
So then I saw it in the bookstore and drooled over the cover.  And I told my husband, 'If we leave this store without buying this book I will cry.'
So after buying it, I read it rather quickly.  It starts with Luce starting at reform school in Georgia because of a suspicious fire she survived, though her friend did not.
I was quickly hooked, not only because I live in Georgia (that's a secret too, don't tell anyone that either), but because Luce sees things that either aren't there or at least no one else sees.  Shadowy things.  So I think, 'hmm, is this going to be a mental illness or something supernatural?'
I figured supernatural early on because that's kind of the trend in young adult literature these days.
The she sees Daniel.
Oh, Daniel.
She is inexplicably drawn to him, not just because he is rather pretty, but because she could swear she knows him from somewhere.
However, he's not always very nice to her, in a sort of Edward Cullen way.  Like, "I'm going to smile, and then I'm going to glare at you, so that you get really confused.'
And much of the book consists of Luce being confused about him and this other guy, Cam, who is also good looking but is very forward with her.
"Should I date Cam, since he's so open and friendly and obviously wants to date me?  Or should I just flounder around until Daniel associates with me?" she asks herself, though not in those exact words, and of course all the while is having weird detentions, near accidents, and boring classes.

Somehow, even though this sort of thing happens for most of the book, it is still ridiculously addictive.  I could not put it down.  It had that addictive factor that Twilight had for me (yes I am a secret Twilight fan too, SHUSH).
I actually thought that maybe Cam was in reform school because he was a rapist or something, but I was wrong (I also thought maybe she should stick with him because his physical description sounded a lot like my husband, even though that doesn't necessarily mean he's the best person in the world.  I just prefer dark hair and green eyes over pretty much everything).

There's a lot of misery, since she's in a horrible reform school, and that in itself is rather depressing, though she does make some friends, and some enemies, and since these are reform school kids you know they're going to be a little wack, but that's a plus for me.
And there is a death.
And then later she does get Daniel to associate with her.
Soon after, the action explodes, and almost all secrets are revealed, and you see that something major is happening, but at the end, you will still have questions, which means you will be happy to know that there is a sequel, Torment.  With a name like that, it HAS to be good!
Now, if you are not a fan of Christianity, or 'Christian mythology,' or whatever you want to call it, you may not like this book.  Because there is rather a lot of that in there, dealing with angels and stuff.  I'm not normally a fan of books like that, bu tI still enjoyed this one.  I mean, it had all this reincarnation stuff, and it takes place in a reform school too, and as I said before, 'drool.'  And it was dark, and secretive, and star-crossed lovers and come on!  That's good stuff there!
But those handsome young men will probably not like it.   And neither will 'Bob.'  But I know some people who will.

This wasn't as good as I hoped, but it does have some good stuff in it, and personally I think it's worth buying just for that cover.  Maybe someone should make it a poster or something.  I'd buy it.  And put it in a nice gold frame . . .

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  1. I have to agree with you completely ... this book's cover art is stunning enough that you don't really mind the fact that what's inside doesn't exactly live up to expectations!

    When I heard about Fallen, I seriously thought it had buckets of excellent-story potential ... it turned out to be a lot of a let down ... but then I stared at its cover for a while, and hell if that didn't make it all better (",)