Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Have you not read this yet? Seriously?!
This book, is like, so freakin' awesome you will pee on yourself.
In the vein of Battle Royale, in which a bunch of Japanese students are dumped on an island and told they all have to kill each other until there's only one left (also available on DVD-Battle Royale: Director's Cut), Katniss Everdeen gets sent off to the annual Hunger Games, in which two kids from each district in this dystopian future are dressed up, given weapons and sponsors, and told, 'GO KILL EACH OTHER UNTIL THERE'S ONLY ONE LEFT!!!"
Now, the reason they do this is because there had been a rebellion at one point towards the ruling Capitol, and to remind the districts that they are so beneath the Capitol that the Capitol can make all their kids kill each other for fun and profit.
The first few districts are richer than the ones further away, and yes, Katniss is from District 12, which is as low as you can get.  The closer ones have the Career Tributes, chosen from kids who train all throughout their childhood to compete in The Hunger Games, and consequently, one of them usually wins.
Katniss, then, has got very little going for her.  Her fellow District 12 tribute is not someone she would like to kill, but if she survives, she pretty much has a free ride the rest of her life.  Everything is provided, she just has to help train the tributes from her district every year, and her family is taken care of.
This is an issue for Katniss, as her father is dead, and her family has hardly any money and pretty much survive off of what Katniss illegally kills in the woods.
However, her hunting skills can be very useful when it comes to killing people, even those who want to kill her.
So maybe she's not as disadvantaged as she thought she was . . . but how can she win and still live with herself?
This book takes you through trickery, suspense, and though people die left and right, it's not graphic and horribly gory, so even younger people can read it, and you will probably not want to stop reading it ever in your life.  
It's that good.
But it's the beginning of a trilogy!  Hooray!
The second is Catching Fire, which will also be reviewed, and the third, Mockingjay, is due out in August.
If you do not read these books, you will have missed out on what of the greatest things in the entire world.

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