Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent

Dude, this one was EVEN BETTER than the first one!
In this one, Kaylee finds out some pop stars sold their souls to demons in return for fame and riches.  In fact, the media company they work for actually forced them to do it!  They had to sign contracts and everything!
So one of them, Addison, is actually her boyfriend's dead brother's ex-girlfriend, and since his brother is now a grim reaper, they get the low-down on what's going on. 
Turns out Addison is about to die anyway from suicide, which she doesn't realize, and so Kaylee, upon finding out that when you sell your soul to a demon they torture it for all eternity, becomes determined to get Addison's soul back.
Nash is not so hot on this idea, since it means they'll have to barter with demons in the Netherworld and that's not exactly a safe place for teenage banshees to be, especially ones who've only known about their abilities for six weeks.  However, his grim reaper brother is still rather fond of this pop star, and so he goes along with it enthusiastically.
Interestingly enough, Kaylee turns out to be much smarter than the other two more experienced fellows.  She's the one who comes up with the ideas on how to do this.  She's the one with the guts to talk to fiends.  She's basically brilliant when it comes to this sort of thing, and since Nash is in 'protect the girlfriend' mode, he pretty much is a hindrance.
Ah well. At least he's good looking and the same species, right?
She also has to deal with teenager things, such as, 'Oh crap my dad grounded me again,' 'Does Nash think she's prettier than me?' 'Why is my cousin such a bitch?' and so on. And that is a nice break from the soul sucking demons, really.
What I loved about this book was that it pretty much said that media moguls and insurance companies were the denizens of evil.  Which is AWESOME. And of course the humor and action.  There was some romance, but it was very minor, like the first book, My Soul to Take. But the idea that all these pop stars sold their souls?  Brilliant.

Hey Disney, I've got my eye on you.  *glare*


  1. I totally agree--this one was at least as good as the first, and the not-so-subtle cut at pre-packaged media empires was a good move.

  2. I read your review months ago, and I remember you commenting on my (short but disappointed) one ... but it suddenly occurred to me why, more than its l o o o n g time getting to the point, this book bothered me so much ... the whole thing seemed to be too much of an injection of personal opinion, instead of a faithful adherence to where the story itself wanted to go ... there was a feeling of being force-fed someone's opinion on a certain matter ("pre-packaged media empires" in this case, I guess), and that kind of bugged me. It's the same with books that are too "preachy". I picked the book up expecting a story, not some kind of thinly-veiled satire!

    On a lighter note (",), if you sign up with Net Galley, you can read book 3 in e-book form, for free :) Thought you might be interested! I couldn't finish that one either, so I'm just going to bury these books (well, figuratively) and let them rest in peace. Enjoy xx