Friday, March 19, 2010

Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story - Christopher Moore

A book which starts with the line, "Sundown painted purple across the great Pyramid while the Emperor enjoyed a steaming whiz against a dumpster in the alley below," cannot, by any twist of the imagination, EVER be a bad book.

It is simply not possible.

Since you know already that this book is fantastic, you are probably DYING for more details.
Dying, of course, because this is a vampire love story.
But, it is not full of , 'oh edward, i love how you sparkle in the sun' or anything.
In fact, the girl becomes vampire first.  Jody, see, gets bitten by a vampire, and then becomes one.

Later she falls in love with dopey wannabe writer Tommy, who moves out to San Francisco because that's what dopey wannabe writers do, right?
And of course they meet hot redheaded vampires.  But he doesn't KNOW she's a vampire, because that wasn't part of Frommer's San Francisco. And it's not like he wants to be a vampire; he may dopey but he's not a 13 year old girl, for crying out loud (cheap shot, sorry)!
Add this in with a cast of characters generally referred to as the Animals, who run a grocery store and get stoned a lot, and bowl with turkeys and what have you, and hot damn!
Do I even need to give you any more information?
Are you not already addicted?
And does it not make you EVEN MORE EXCITED that there is not one, but TWO sequels (second sequel coming out in  less than two weeks, giving you time to read Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story as well as You Suck: A Love Story before Bite Me: A Love Story hits the shelves)?

And just so you know HOW FREAKIN' GREAT these books are, you will be delighted to know that Christopher Moore has been compared to Dave Barry and Tom Robbins in the same sentence (no, not by me, by the Onion on the back of my copy of You Suck: A Love Story).
Oh, and there's villains too.  Just so you know.

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