Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Graceling - Kristin Cashore

This book took a bit longer to read than expected.
That was mainly because I got horrifically ill for a few weeks and couldn't read, so don't take that as a sign that it sucks.
Because you know what?  It's doesn't! It's really good!
Apparently, girls whose names begin with 'Kat' are always kickass characters (Katniss Everdeen, anyone?).  Cause see, Katsa, she can beat the crap out of ANYONE. ANYONE.  It's because she's 'graced,' meaning her eyes don't match and she has a special ability.  Other people in her world have the same type of thing going on, but different abilities.
Abilities ran the gamut of mind-reading, killing, mind control, and other things that don't do much, like being good with horses or something.
Katsa can kill anyone with her bare hands. Her king has made her his tool, but she doesn't really like that.
So she meets this hot graced prince, and they go off together to solve a mystery involving his family, and Katsa pretty much tells the king to piss off.
Oh, and of course, romance ensues, because come on, pretty kickass chick and hot prince going off together?  What do you expect?  Celibacy?  Ha!
She does go through a phase where she's mad at him, and then later in the book there's this part where he's hiding in the woods and she's trekking over mountains with a ten-year-old, and that part isn't as interesting, because all you get is, 'oh i hope she doesn't have frostbite' which isn't nearly as interesting as, 'I'ma kill all you SOBs and then do this prince who is also pretty kickass but not quite as kickass as me' but then they get to a village and everything gets more interesting.
The best part of this book?  The main character!  OMG!  I love it when the girl is so freaking badass, it's so much better than when she's all, 'oh, i can't live without my man, and everyone is going to kill me and i must be protected, weep' because honestly, girls who can hold their own are way better.  It's all 'empowering' and whatnot.
Katsa, in my opinion, is a great role model, not because she runs around killing people, but because she can do things herself, she doesn't need a man, but she can still love one.
I think that's what every girl should strive for.

Oh, and I would like to thank Jackson Pearce for recommending this book on her youtube channel (I have a link over there ->)

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  1. This book sounds absolutely awesome! I had read about it, but I wasn't really sure whether it would be worth reading, or whether the good comments were nothing but hype.