Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunshine- Robin McKinley

Sunshine (Young Adult)
Apparently Amazon has no picture for this book.  Which is a shame, because the cover is beautiful.  It's one of those covers that make you want to buy it instead of checking  it out from the library, like Fallen was. Here is what my copy looks like- there are other covers too, and they're all pretty nice.

Also, it's not all that 'young adult.'  The main character, Sunshine, is not very old, but she has a steady job in a world where she has to fight off vampires (I'm on a vampire kick as a homage to Bite Me: A Love Story and Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 (The Twilight Saga) coming out just recently).
This is NOT a vampire love story.  Vampires in this book are bad.  Like, lock you in a room and torture you to death and drink your blood, the way they ought to be.
However, Sunshine (who gets her name because her ability to do magic is based on the sun) unfortunately gets locked up in some dreadful chamber with a vampire who the other vampires are trying to punish.  Oddly enough, maybe because Sunshine is just so loveable or something, they form a truce, and later a weird friendship.  Sunshine has a badass boyfriend (you know he's badass because he has a motorcycle), who is very human, and the humans DO NOT want the vampires around, because they, well, suck.  There's a lot of night time creatures running around in Sunshine's world, but all she really wants to do is make cinnamon rolls, but because she's so magic and all, gets dragged into this vampire war thingamajig, and almost cheats on her boyfriend with her new vampire friend until he gets weirded out and throws her against the wall and confuses the crap out of her, but they remain friends in a world which does not approve.
There is plenty of action, and the writing is very good (I consider this one of McKinley's best because it's so different from her other works which are more fairy tale based [yes I love that too, but we're talking about vampires now; we'll talk about fairy tales later, I PROMISE]) and it really does keep you enthralled.
If you're looking for a different sort of vampire story, I highly recommend this one. 
Now go read it.

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