Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As promised . . . the bookmarks in full color!

Here is the PRIZE.  Now, you have until April 30 to enter, so that's LOADS of time.  I will remind you periodically, and yes, there will be more reviews, and later on, I'll have ACTUAL BOOKS as prizes!
So, SIX bookmarks.  If you're the kind of person who reads 27,000 books at once, this could help you out. 
Now, the Wolfskin one is especially nice, because only 100 were printed, and the back is signed by Juliet Marillier (it is number 44 of 100).  Also it's pretty.  So you're not likely to find another anywhere, unless you know Juliet personally, which you probably don't.  I only have it because I'm special.  But now you can be special!

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