Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty - Robin McKinley

Remember how I said that Robin McKinley wrote that book Sunshine and it was a really good vampire story?
Well, she also wrote this book, and it's a really good Beauty and the Beast story.
Beauty is actually the plainest of her sisters, and her real name is Honor, but as a child said she'd rather be Beauty, and it stuck.
Her other two sisters are gloriously beautiful, so Beauty just reads lots of books, kinda like in the Disney version that has so many plot holes I could write a book about them. Yes, but for some reason I watch it anyway.
But this book!  It doesn't have twenty million plot holes!  It's good!
It's not particularly long, so you can read it in a day if you are so inclined.  It has Beauty, and she does the whole 'oh crap i'm stuck in a castle with a beast who wants to marry me' thing, and well, you know the basic plot.  But it works; she eventually trusts the beast and decides to marry him, and (no I'm not spoiling it, you know how the tale goes already) they live happily in this realm that is not quite in their world but in another, unlike the Disney version that has so many plot holes I could write a book about them (I mean, how could this village not know there's a prince living a few miles away?  And what the hell is he the prince of?  And what happened to his parents?).
So yes, this one makes more sense.  And amazingly enough, this was Robin McKinley's FIRST novel!  She wrote it ages ago!  And then she wrote another Beauty and the Beast novel, Rose Daughter, which didn't enthrall me as much because the Beauty character was obsessed with flowers.  I mean, I have a black thumb, I can't make any plant stay alive, so I wasn't so into this 'oh look i make all the flowers grow fa la la la la' thing.  But if you like flowers a lot, you might like it too.
Oh, and let me remind you again of the contest.
You have until the end of the month to enter.
Oh, and by the way, I finished all those cranes.  Yup, 1000 and more.

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