Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fairy Tale Time! Daughter of the Forest - Juliet Marillier

Taking a break from vampires, I said, 'oh how I love books based on fairy tales; i think i shall review some.'
And since one of the bookmarks in the prize pack is signed by this author, I felt it was my holy duty to review her first book, and my personal favorite of hers.
This is a version of The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen, or The Six Swans by the Brothers Grimm, though Andersen's version is a bit better known.  Only, it's set in Ireland and England way back in the day.
It starts out with Sorcha, an Irish lord's daughter.  She is the youngest of seven children, the rest of them being boys, and is loved dearly by them.  Her father marries another woman, who is a right bitch, as that is how it is in Fairy Tale World, and she turns all the boys into swans by day, and they can only be human at night.
If you know the story, you'll know that to break the spell, Sorcha has to sew them shirts made of nettles and not speak to anyone until she is done.
Which really sucks for her, cause nettles sting, and sometimes it's really hard to shut up.  I know this from personal experience.
But Sorcha is pretty strong, and when she ends up in England, because this English lord is trying to protect her because she saved him at one point, he falls in love with her in the face of adversity.
If you know how the fairy tale goes, you don't need much more information about the book, except to know that is beautifully written and engrossing, and it has sequels.
No, the sequels are not based on fairy tales.  But they're pretty good, so you might like them too.
Son of the Shadows
Child of the Prophecy
Heir to Sevenwaters

I loved Daughter of the Forest so much I drew this picture:
Yes, that is Sorcha.
And this is Juliet Marillier's website!

She's written a bunch more books, like Wolfskin, which has the SIGNED bookmark in the PRIZE for the month, and she lives in Australia.
You should read this one, if no other, because it is sooo goooood.

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