Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pre-order Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Yeah, that cover art is awesome.
And this is a fairy tale based novel too!
It's probably one of the most creative twists on a fairy tale I've ever seen--it's Little Red Riding Hood . . . with werewolves.
Only, well, Grandma dies.  And so these two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, devote their lives to killing werewolves like the one that killed their Grandma and almost killed Rosie.
Scarlett, amazingly enough, is a really tough, battle-scarred, badass.  Totally unlike most people named Scarlett, who are all pretty and skanky (like that Scarlett O'Hara manipulative slut from Gone with the Wind).  It's a nice play on words; Scarlett is covered in scars!  And only has one eye!  Totally badass and doesn't even care that she's not some gorgeous dragonfly girl; her whole life is about killing Fenris (werewolves).  Her sister Rosie often joins in the fun, and is better bait since she has no scars and is the pretty little one.
Now, this is very different from Jackson Pearce's first book, As You Wish, which was on of the first reviewed on this blog in January.  It is much more mature, has a prettier cover, is published by a different company, and the storyline is extremely different.
There is a love interest story in with the kicking ass parts, involving a friend of the sisters, and it does come out slightly triangular, but isn't as major an issues as Scarlett trying to kill the Fenris who seem to be getting stronger.
Seriously though, if you like kickass babes as much as I do, and supernatural elements, and fairy tales, you will definitely like this book.  However, it does not come out until June 7th (yes I got an ARC, I'm special, go me, don't be too jealous).  Of course, if you check out Jackson Pearce's youtube channel, which is shown down on the right side, you will see that she is having a giveaway this month in which you could win one!  And a bunch of other stuff, because that's how Jackson is; always ready to give people good stuff.  However, even if you don't win, you have something to look forward to in June., which is the best month of the year because it is when I was born.
Oh, and don't forget my contest.  It is still going on. And look out for next month's contest too.

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