Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yay! Contest Time!

In my infinite wisdom, I have decided to hold a contest for readers of this blog.
I have a fantasy bookmark collection, which consists of three Lord of the Rings bookmarks, two David Deen (the artist) bookmarks, one Janny Wurtz bookmark (she writes and illustrates all her novels), and one SIGNED bookmark.
Yes, a Signed Bookmark.
This bookmark is for Juliet Marillier's book Wolfskin.  And she signed it.  And it's pretty!
I will in all likelihood review Juliet Marillier's first book, Daughter of the Forest, in the near future, because it's fairy tale based, and I go for that.
So now, I know you are wondering, 'how do I enter?'
There are a number of ways.  You can:
1. Become a follower
2. Convince someone else to become a follower and have them leave a comment that YOU referred them, meaning that both of you are entered
3. Purchase one of my books through the Amazon link and leave a comment (this one counts for TWO entries)
4. Post links to this blog on other sites including but not limited to facebook, message boards, myspace, livejournal, blogger, etc, and then leave a comment so that I know you did it and I can go looksee
5. Tell everyone you know that I am the greatest person in the world.

So.  There you have it.  I will make another post with PICTURES of the bookmarks soon, so that you can see what you're getting. And of course, doing more than one of these things gives you more entries, and the winner will be chosen randomly.
And I ship WORLDWIDE.  For FREE.  Meaning no matter where you are, you win it all for the cost of nothing (unless you purchased a book, and in that case I will say LOVE FOREVER)!

Oh, and I will have MORE CONTESTS coming up soon, some of which you might wet your pants for.  Maybe.  Because that's how much I care.
So enter away.  And remember that every follower is bloody brilliant in my eyes.  Even if you're not an author (though I do love seeing authors following of course).

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