Monday, June 7, 2010

Crazy Beautiful - Lauren Baratz-Logsted

I know, I have been bad, and have not updated in almost a month.
This means that the May contest forBattle Royale, Book 1 is continuing through June! Yay!
And now, on to a book review.

Crazy Beautiful is another Beauty and the Beast story.  This one is modern, set in high school.
 Aurora is Beauty.  She just moved into town with her father, who is the school librarian. Everyone who sees her sees that she is beautiful and has a kind and giving heart.
Lucius is crazy.  He's the beast.  It's not that he's hideous, it's that he's crazy.  He tried to make a bomb, and ended up losing his hands, and now has hooks.  People who see him avoid him.  They know there's something ugly about him.
The book goes back and forth between characters.  Aurora immediately likes Lucius, and he likes her, but their peers keep them separated.
It takes a bunch of high school jerks and a school play to get them together, with Lucius saving the day in the end.
This book is a really quick read, and being set in a modern world, makes for a nice twist on the original story.  Lucius doesn't get his hands back in the end, or anything bizarre like that, but he becomes a better person because of Aurora. Overall, it's worth the read, but may not be one you read like twenty seven million times.

Another modern day version of Beauty and the Beast is Beastly, by Alex Flinn.  This is on my to-read shelf, and next month will hit theaters as a major motion picture. So we will have to check this out.

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