Saturday, September 25, 2010

Books coming out that I can't wait for!

As you know, there are plenty of books being released at any given moment.  One which I can't wait for is this:  Across the Universe, by Beth Revis.  Coming out in January, this one is a brilliant sci fi involving the colonization of a new planet, a spaceship mutiny, and a teenage girl who isn't sure she wants to leave Earth. I managed to read the first chapter online, and it was fantabulous.  This is Revis' first book, and if she keeps it up, she'll have a promising career.
Another one coming out very soon (three days) is Torment (Fallen), by Lauren Kate. I have mixed opinions about Fallen, yet I will not be able to resist purchasing Torment because it's pretty.
Maybe I should just try to find a poster.
No, I do want to know what else will happen. Not like how I wanted to know how Harry Potter ended, but I am mildly curious. In comparison. Mild. I mean, they're all star-crossed lovers and whatnot, and in Shakespeare's time that was bad, but apparently these days it all works out and Bella gets to be a vampire too and there are hardly any complications except for her ex crushing on her infant daughter.  Oh wait, that never happened. In my mind, Breaking Dawn Does. Not.  Exist.
And this? Well, look at the title! Hold Me Closer, Necromancer comes out October 12, and is another debut author, Lish McBride. Her main character is a college drop out fry-cook who turns out to be a necromancer.  And of course this other necromancer wants to either kill him or enslave him, so he enlists the help of a ghost and a werewolf/fairy hydrid ( I really want to see what that looks like; the pictures in my head are just . . not making sense).  Oh, and there is a promise of VIOLENCE!  Whooohooo violence!
Cannot.  Possibly.  Suck.

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