Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

Yes, this one.  What we've all been waiting for.
The conclusion to The Hunger Games.

Released in August, the final chapter of the Hunger Games has been an eagerly anticipated book among young people and many older ones too.

This book differs from the first two, in which Katniss Evderdeen particapted in the televised Hunger Games and fought many to the death.  This one does contain quite a lot of fighting and killing, so do not fret- THERE IS STILL VIOLENCE. Huzzah!

However, Katniss is not playing a 'game,' but is involved in an actual bloody revolution.  She doesn't get to do all the things she wants to do, and finds that the people in charge of the revolution, namely the president of the previously thought to be non-existent 13th District, to be less than palatable.

Through it all, she has to deal with adjustments to life in 13, her two good friends who are in love with her (Peeta, her partner in the Hunger Games, and Gale, who she hunted with for years).  Peeta is still a captive of the Capitol, while she and Gale are both in District 13 showing off how great they are.

No matter what Peeta says, whenever he is televised, Katniss can't help but think that he is being tortured and wants the revolutionaries to save him and any of the other Hunger Games participants who remain alive.

To many people, the love triangle between Katniss and her boyfriends is one of the most important aspects of the story, thus resulting in the Twilight style 'Team Peeta' and 'Team Gale.' Personally, I think this issue is minor compared to the rest of the story.

What will you get out of this book?

Well, plenty. In addition to the glorious VIOLENCE, there is rocking suspense, plot twists, and of course, things to think about.

Such as:

"Why must we kill all these people to make life better?"

"Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?"

"What is the meaning of humanity?"

"Should we get our revenge, or show that we're 'better' by being kinder to our vanquished foes?"

"How do the people of Panem make all these crazy weapons?"

"Will dying your skin green really be considered beautiful in the future?" (Captain Kirk says 'yes.')

"How could I pull off a Katniss Everdeen costume for Halloween?"

And so on.

Now, the question is, if you have not already answered it for yourself:

"Should I buy this book as soon as possible?"

My reccomendation is 'yes.'

I know, I work in a library, and I should tell people to get books from the library, but honestly, the waiting list is so long you would have to have the patience of [insert name of saintly matyr here].

Personally, I loved this book.  And I love having this book. And the rest of them, even though one of my friends still has the first one and NEEDS TO GIVE IT BACK PLEASE.  So yes, get this book.  I even have a link for it to make it easier for you!

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