Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Forest of Hands and Teeth- Carrie Ryan

I read this book ages ago.  I've been MEANING to write a review, really, I have! And now there's a sequel out and I should be ashamed at being so behind.

Anyway, The Forest of Hands and Teeth is about a teenage girl living in this tiny little strict village surrounded by a fence.  Beyond the fence, is the Forest of Hands and Teeth.

But what does that mean?  Hands and teeth?  What about, like, trees and squirrels?

Well, this forest is not a happy forest.  In act, it is full of . . .

ZOMBIES!  Whoo hoo!  They can never leave the village because they'll get attacked by zombies!  Therefore, the church people are in charge and think, 'hey, we have absolute power, so let's use it.'
And they do. And Mary, the aforesaid teenager, hates it.
The church keeps a lot of secrets from the villagers.  That kinda happens when people want to use their absolute power.
But then some bad stuff happens, as you would expect, since they are surrounded by zombies.
Now, what with the paranormal romance craze, we've come across many zombies these days who just aren't scary.
These ones are.  They eat your brains and rot slowly and have very little brain function.  You will not discover your Zombie Edward Cullen here.
Or your Zombie Justin Bieber.
Though that would be funny, come to think of it.
So their village gets attacked, and Mary and some chums of hers wander off through this incredibly elaborate gate system that runs through the forest trying to find another safe village.
This is the part I don't get.  See, there was a Zombie apocalypse, but somehow they managed to built a huge elaborate system of gates and isolated villages during the apocalypse?  So there's zombies attacking from every direction, and they can build all these fences?  WHAT?! Why don't they just shoot them and leave?

Anyway, if anyone understands this and would like to explain it to me, please do so.

And Mary, being a teenage girl, has some of those teenage girl worries like, 'do i like this guy or not?  hmmm..'  But this is a very minor part of the book.  It's more about trying to find a place where there are no zombies, and then dealing with all the dead people, and all the former family members who became zombies, which most teenage girls I know don't have to deal with.  Most.

So besides some of the things that I don't quite get, this book is worth checking out, because you know, it has zombies, and zombie killing action, and the main character is pretty cool, not some idiot who whines all the time, but actually thinks about stuff and tries to survive and deal with things.

I might read the sequel sometime.  Maybe.

Oh, and here's the sequel:


  1. When I read this last year, I assumed the elaborate gate system had been built many years prior to the zombie apocolypse as well as the villages. I thought they had done all this (by they, I mean government or some such power/body) as a social experiment, e.g. if you seperated a small population away from EVERYONE else, how would they organise themselves and how would they survive? And then, obviously the villages become safe havens since those outside the gates become zombies. Or perhaps I was reading too much into it? Didn't realise there was a sequel though, thanks Anni!

  2. But if everyone was in a village, how did they get the zombies out?
    I like that theory; I just wish it was described in the book.

  3. Perhaps there were no zombies in the village in the first place? You know, the village was quarantined or something due to the social experiment and the zombies happened outside but are drawn to the village cause of the living there.
    It is frustrating though, think the author couls have thought that bit out better.