Sunday, October 10, 2010

Someone Named Eva - Joan M Wolf

I cannot believe I forgot to review this.
Honestly. This book is great.
It's set during WWII, which is of course a popular choice of setting for authors, and it involves a girl from Czechoslovakia.
Her name is Milada, and the Nazis decide to be a bunch of jerks as usual.

Here is what I said on Goodreads:
"Man, Nazis suck, yo!
They like, killed all these people in Lidice as punishment for some people killing this one dude they liked, and then took out all the Aryan lookin' kids and forced them to become upstanding Nazis and then killed all the brown haired ones, and sent the Aryan ones off to German families and changed their names and told them the ALLIES killed their real families when in fact they were killed by Nazis or sent to work camps for being Czech.  And they weren't even Jewish like the normal Nazi targets!  They just didn't like them because of that dude being killed even though they had nothing to do with it!  Then do you know what they did?
They totally removed the town of Lidice from existence!  Like bombed the crap out of it and flattened and tore down EVERYTHING!
God, what a bunch of jerks!"
However, there is more to it.
Like, 'who is the someone who is named Eva?'
Answer: Milada.
She was very Aryan looking, they used all their Nazi measurement instruments to prove she wasn't one of those 'undesirable' people, even though she was Czech, and they generally don't like that.  That's why they holocausted (yes, I just made up that word) all the ones who didn't look the way they wanted people to look.
So Milada gets taken away, and then they tell her her name is Eva, and now she is German.  For a while, they train her to be German, though she doesn't much like it, since she's, well, not German and doesn't like the Germans because they went and blew up her town.  She eventually gets placed with some wealthy German family, but there is is this horrible smell nearby, which turns out to be  . . . well, you can probably guess.
But then the Allies do their thing, like they always do, and they take 'Eva' away from her new mother, who is very upset because she wanted three children because German women who had three children got medals for it during World War II. Yeah, that's how weird the Nazis were. Totally bogus.  But they send Milada back to Czechoslovakia, and she does find some of her relatives, though most have been killed because of the jerk Nazis, but well, you know how it sucks when your home is bombed and so many people who loved are never to be seen again.  Even if this has never happened to you, most people have enough imagination that they can understand that it does, indeed, suck.
The cool thing about this book was that it was NOT about a Jewish girl hiding, like Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl, though of course that has value, and it is NOT about a Jewish guy in a camp, like Night ,  and while these stories are important, there are rather a lot of them.  I like this one because it's a bit different.  You don't learn much about this type of thing in elementary school, just about how the Nazis killed and tortured people in camps, and liked to bomb people, and hated everyone, and wanted to take over the world, not about them forcing children from other nations become like them.
It's not a long book, so you don't have to worry if you have commitment issues. But yes, read it.  It's good.

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