Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes, I get to meet authors in person!

See, I have photographic evidence:

December 2009- a fateful meeting between me (the brunette) and Jackson Pearce (the blonde). Yes, we are both extremely attractive, we know, there is no need to comment.   
December 2009 was a good month for authors.  Bad for some other things, like people who aren't authors who I encountered, but authors, very good. Not only did I meet Jackson Pearce, but I met Neil Gaiman.

I actually don't have a really good picture of me and Mr Gaiman, but I do have this:
December 2009, but not the same day: Neil Gaiman graced the city of Decatur with his presence. Many people I know, myself included, got to hear him babble on about all this stuff that was really interesting like his books and graveyards, and then we got signed books!  The very excited gentleman who appears to be confusing the crap out of poor Mr Gaiman whose hand must have been in tremendous pain, is this guy I know who I decided I should marry. This guy has a passion for video games, but he also likes graphic novels, and Mr Gaiman is signing Sandman: The Dream Hunters, which is a graphic novel that he wrote (hence, the reason he signed it).

However, most of the time, I just get them to sign my books, because that's proof right there, and I am not so vain that I must be seen with every brilliant author.  If I were, I would just get the aforementioned Guy I Decided to Marry to Photoshop me into pictures of everyone I admire ("Yes, that is me standing on Suzanne Collins' head! She is not just a literary giant, but an ACTUAL GIANT!").

Now, I could just show pictures of everything I have that is signed, but I would be afraid that people would then learn to forge their signatures on things and try to make money that way, which even I would be morally against.

Now, here are some books Jackson Pearce wrote:


And here are some Neil Gaiman wrote:


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