Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to Brag!

Yeah, so MacMillan decided that I needed a lot of books for free.
I concurred with their decision.
Tell me, which of these books would you like reviewed first?  Remember, I'm still on one book that I just recently got SIGNED, but hopefully I will have more time to read and review for your pleasure.
So . . .
here's the list:

Girl, Stolen (Christy Ottaviano Books)


Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

The Girl Who Became a Beatle

The House of Dead Maids

Solitary: Escape from Furnace 2

Tell me, what do you want to know about first?


  1. The House of Dead Maids sounds interesting. Who's the author?

  2. Clare Dunkle. Has a really awesomely creepy cover. And it's short.

  3. I just had a look on Amazon for it and that cover is incredibly creepy! Sounds good, I would go for that one first.
    Wait, no. Read the ones I bought you first!