Thursday, November 11, 2010

7 Things in Literature/Pop Culture that I really don't quite get.

 There's a lot of things I don't understand. These are only a few.

1. High School girls who obsess over their status as 'slut' or 'not slut.' This has never happened to me.  Does it happen that often?  Really?  Because popular media seems to think it does.  Was I really that out of the loop in high school?
Examples in literature: Thirteen Reasons Why, Goth Girl Rising, The Boyfriend List

2. People who go to rehab or a psychiatric ward and ACTUALLY receive help. Like, they have GOOD DOCTORS and THEY GET BETTER. In my experience, this does not happen to anyone. They just stay the same or get worse.  Most people have to fake feeling great just to get out of those hellholes. And then something happens and they end up back in there a few months later.
Examples in literature: Wintergirls, Hunger, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Hate List

3. Books about rich snotty girls who have everything they could ever possibly want but still act like bitches. Who would want to read that?  Even more, who would PUBLISH that?  It's like, 'hey young impressionable females, you really ought to act like spoiled shallow idiots because then EVERYONE WILL LOVE YOU and you will be FILTHY RICH.'
Examples in literature: The A-List, Gossip Girl, The Clique, The Ashleys, Pretty Little Liars

4. Why do certain authors publish a new book at least once a month?  How do they do that?  Besides using ghost writers  like James Patterson? And why do these authors get so popular when they kinda suck?
Best example in literature ever: Nora Roberts.

5. Why are vampires so popular?  Is it REALLY just because of Twilight?  I mean, there's all these other vampire stories all of a sudden.  Not just in books, but on TV.  Bloodthirsty, an excellent book, used this strange pop phenomenon to great hilarity.  So did Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story.  But MOST people want to know about the vampires who fall in love with human girls. And everything is fine, once you tell everyone that the human girl will be a vampire eventually anyway. Not like with Dracula, in which he was an actual DEMON, who did BAD THINGS like kill people, even though he liked that Mina chick, but she managed to survive and he died like he was supposed to because of Van Helsing and those dudes. Dracula was inspired by Vlad the Impaler and his father, Vlad Drakul.  And NO ONE liked them.  They were REALLY NASTY MEAN JERKOFFS who liked to slowly torture people to death.  How the HELL did that become sexy? I would like to point out one of my old favorites when it comes to vampire stories: Look For Me By Moonlight.  This had this teen girl who found the vampire alluring, like Mina did, but she did NOT become a vampire for all time and have mad crazy sex with him every night for eternity.  Because he was BAD. She was into it for a while, but she realized how BAD it was. Based on my vampire mythology research, vampires are supposed to be alluring, but they only do that because they want to suck out all your blood and kill you. And they do this because they're BAD. But nowadays, they're bad but with a heart of gold and love for humans and conflict and ANGST my GOD the ANGST! Dracula never got angst.  He just went about his business preying on people and being BAD.

6. If vampires are so popular, why does everyone like angels all of a sudden? And why are vampires and angels never in a showdown? It's just vampires and werewolves in a showdown, but personally I would think angels and vampires would be more antagonistic to each other.
Examples of Angels in Literature: Hush, Hush, Halo, Fallen

7. Why are zombies funny now? Carrie Ryan got the traditional zombie with The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but then there's all this Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and what have you. They're DEAD.  They just eat people and make them dead.  Who the hell even came up with zombies anyway (if anyone knows, please elucidate me)?

 So yes.  If you understand why all these things happen, please let me know.
Because I really don't get it.


  1. "Dracula never got angst. He just went about his business preying on people and being BAD."

    Never read the book, but Francis Ford Coppolla's Dracula (Gary Oldman) was kind of angsty compared to Bela Begosi. I'm not a horror buff, so I can't completely explain that. Or zombies.

  2. I love zombie movies. George A. Romero is the genius behind zombies being successful in horror films starting with his first film 'Night of the Living Dead' which was released in 1968, though zombies originally originated in stories where voodoo is practised as it was believed the zombie was being controlled by a sorcerer.
    In film, Romero has said that he wanted to expand the zombie personality and gradually make them more intelligent as what could be more terrifying than the walking dead with intelligence and a hunger for human flesh?! Most zombie movies I've seen do stick to the horror genre (recently, 'Dead Snow', 'Colin' etc), but there are a few, mainly recent films, which are portraying zombies as funny and stupid ('Wasting Away' for example - this is a bloody funny film though!)
    I like the comedy zombie films. I never get bored of watching 'Shaun of the Dead', mainly because it is such a British film and the comedy is spot on. And 'Zombieland' is awesome - especially Bill Murray!

  3. Okay I personally think the zombie thing is really ridiculous, too, but I finally caved when I found this little beauty. I just had to have it.

    Oh and its never vampire v. angel because writers like to go with the classic myth that only a werewolf can kill a vampire with its bear hands. Besides, if angels could kill vampires, where would Judas be?

  4. I liked vampires before they became popular. To further this statement I liked Twilight BEFORE it became popular. I'm all for people liking things to cult-classic level, however I have a problem with people claiming to be huge fans, when they hadn't heard of the book until the movies came. I've always had a thing for vampires since I was in middle school. My favorite vampire book is Interview with the Vampire. I've never read Dracula, because although he is an evil character from what I've been told, I just can't bring myself to read about him being killed. It's weird I know, but still. I don't know when Zombies became popular. Recently this year I saw Zombieland and loved it and just a week ago I finished this book called Zombies vs. Unicorns, I still don't know what side I'm on, but I loved the book.
    A few years ago I read the first three books of the Gossip Girl series, and in every book it seemed like Serena and Dan would break up and get back together at least three times. I've recently discovered that there's gonna be a new gossip girl book which I might read, it's Gossip Girl Psycho Killer, which basically has Serena and Blair killing everyone creatively.