Monday, November 8, 2010

The Boyfriend List- E Lockhart

Okay, so yes, I know, I got all those books and sure I was GOING to do a review of one of those next, but I was in the mood for something else.  My friend told me this book series was good, and it was completely different from the fantasy/paranormal/etc type of book I normally review, so I said, 'a'right then, I'll read this one here right quick.'
So I did.
Anyway, this is the first book in the Ruby Oliver series.  Ruby is a bit boy-obsessed and goes to a fancy school even though her home life is distinctly not fancy; she lives on a small houseboat and all her classmates live in large houses.
The basic premise of the book is that Ruby's life is falling apart.  Her boyfriend dumped her for her best friend, then everyone decided she was a slut, then she was ostracized, and then she started having panic attacks, so her mother sends her to a shrink.
Oh yippie!  A shrink! And this kind of messes things up even more. See, Ruby talks about boys so much that her shrink tells her to make a list of all the boys she either liked, was remotely involved with, or dated; hence, The Boyfriend List.  But someone finds the list in the trash, and since she only used first names, people thought, 'oh, this must be all the guys at this school she's been messing around with.' Therefore, The Boyfriends List leads to becoming a 'leper.'
But Ruby's biggest problem is her ex, Jackson, a Japanophile anime fan, who decides he'd rather dater her (you guessed it) JAPANESE friend! Who would have seen that coming?
Now, this is an issue I am very familiar with.  I know lots of anime fans, and male anime fans do tend to lust after the Asian girls.  However, in my experience, these guys are distinctly NOT POPULAR. I don't know if this is a sign of times changing, but in my high school and college days, those kids were the nerds.  No one liked them. Except me, because I liked science fiction and fantasy, and that was the closest I could find, but they weren't always nice, and they tended to leave me out of things because I wasn't obsessed with shojo or what have you.
But apparently, that is not the case at Tate Prep School.  And Ruby, poor thing, just doesn't understand that there is a world OUTSIDE of Tate Prep School, and just because the kids she goes to school with are a bunch of rich jerks, it doesn't mean her life is over.
Personally, I can attest to that.
Most high schoolers are jerks. They just are. Especially at rich kid schools. I know, I was there. I went to the rich kid school in sixth grade, and then said, 'this sucks, send me to the poor kid school please,' so that's where I went.  And sure, buying clothes at Wal-Mart was not something to be ridiculed at the latter school, but the kids still had their jerk moments. It's just how it is.
Ruby has this whole need to fit in with everyone, even though fitting in with everyone isn't always that great, because if you fit in with a bunch of jerks, then wouldn't you rather not fit in?
This books expresses some of the issues with which high school girls deal, and it does have some pretty hilarious moments. Though I was not like Ruby at all in high school, I could still understand how she was feeling. I mean, panic attacks are something I do know very well, and of course almost every girl has that boyfriend who dumped them and they just . . couldn't . . get . . . OVER! Gah!  Why do they do that? Why can't boys not suck?
Oh wait, I'm married now.  I don't have to worry about any of this anymore! I have it made- no more getting dumped, no more pining away for some idiot, no more competition with Asian girls, I'm in the clear.
But sometimes it's nice to go back and look at the single angsty life, and then I can appreciate what I DO have all the more. 
And I feel sorry for my friends who still have to deal with dating crap.
I will probably read more about Ruby Oliver in the future, or at least more by this author, because I think she captures angst well, and you know how much I love angst.

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  1. You better hurry if you're going to get to the other 3 before the new one comes out in December. I'm so excited! I still haven't read the Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, though.