Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is up with this?

 How much did this model get paid? It's the same picture of her on both books, only they've been reversed and photoshopped.

I even did my research here; these aren't even from the same publishing company; one's from Hachette Group and the other is Macmillan Group.

Is this a stock photo from the internet that anyone can use?  Or is this some girl who apparently has a fantastic agent who can get her on the cover of multiple recent books and double her paycheck with one photo?

I admit, I have not read either of these books, so I don't even know if this girl's looks even make sense to the stories. But I keep seeing both of them all over the place and it drives me mad that they USED THE SAME PHOTO ON BOTH COVERS.

Are publishers caring less and less about their cover art? Do they just go for whatever is cheapest? Was the photographer of this girl just incredibly affordable?  Has ANYONE else noticed this?

Here is similar but completely different case:

Do you see the similarity?  Clearly, there are different girls on each cover, but the whole wispy-purple-look-at-my-pretty-outstretched-arm is kind of . . . erm, the same idea?
I cannot for the life of me find out who is responsible for the Soul Screamers covers.  I love this series and I think the covers are pretty, but I don't think they represent the books very well.  I'm sorry; that girl does not look Irish.  And she always has these dance move looking poses on the cover, which makes no sense; they really ought to put a screaming pasty girl on the cover. Also, she's got these flowy dresses.  KAYLEE DOES NOT WEAR FLOWY DRESSES TO SCHOOL. She dresses like a normal high schooler, and she isn't a dancer. She's too busy trying to figure out how to keep people alive and stuff, you know, like Harry Potter does.
Now, I have not read Bleeding Violet YET, but from the blurb, the cover seems to make sense.  It's about some crazy girl who always wears purple. And there is the word VIOLET in the title, meaning the book should probably be that color. I mean, Red Sky at Morning has a RED cover.  And while I know that Bleeding Violet was published first, I do not know whether that cover design was created before the cover of My Soul to Keep. So I don't know if anyone was ripped off for their design or not.

I have also noticed that many books use the red-black-and-white color scheme to catch people's attention.  I blame this on Twilight. Young impressionable females see this color scheme and immediately think 'OMG it'll be just like TWILIGHT! Or they think, 'Is this a NEW Twilight book?' And bookstores keep using it to attract teens.  Like Borders.  Yes, I love Borders, I have a membership, I get discounts, I email their customer care all the time telling them how to make things better even though they really don't give a crap, but they ARE SO TOTALLY RIPPING OFF THAT COLOR SCHEME TO MAKE MONEY.
Not that I blame them; I think it's a good color scheme, and probably helped make Twilight popular.  It's just so eye-catching, unless you have red/green color blindness (that's the most common type; I learned in high school biology), that it WORKS. Most authors who get this color scheme on their book are probably quite happy with it (this is conjecture).  I mean, they could end up with something YELLOW.  Can you imagine?  That's like, the WORST color to use in advertising ever (I learned that in high school art class).  No one would want to read that book. Their eyes would naturally skip over it because they'd assume it was crap without even realizing it. Or at least I would.  Maybe that's why I haven't read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Or maybe I haven't because it's really long and I have all these shorter books to read that I'm pretty sure I'll like better. Or maybe it's because I'm EXPECTED to, so therefore I must REBEL and not read it. Ha! I was expected to like this yellow book and absolutely hated it. I feel that this proves my point. Oh, and yes I see the yellow on North of Beautiful, but since it's blonde hair I don't think it really counts.  Plus it's contemporary (makes marketing a bit different), and I think it looks boring anyway. Like it's about some pretty blonde girl who cries because she's got a zit and a few extra pounds than she would prefer (okay, maybe I should read the description, but it's much more fun to make assumptions).

My point to this whole article is basically that books covers are just not usually up to my standards (I am entitled to these since I am a part time artist).  Get more creative, people.

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