Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Soul To Keep - Rachel Vincent

Seriously, y'all, you stay away from those balloons full of this wicked substance. Just once and you're addicted, and unless you have Netherworld blood in you (you don't), you'll be either dead or insane within two weeks.
Why do people start this stuff, also known as 'frost?' Well, no drug test in the human world can detect it.  It gives you quite a high, but beware, you will start seeing things that other people don't think are there (but actually, they're OUT TO GET YOU).  If you stay away from frost, and make sure your friends do too, you'll likely never see anything in the shadows that you don't want to see.  Such as hellions who want your soul.

Kaylee, our bean sidhe heroine from the first two books, discovers that people are huffing this stuff around campus.  And then weird stuff starts happening to her.  Suddenly, she can't sleep for fear of ending up in the Netherworld unintentionally.  People she knows are going insane.  She can't figure out HOW this Netherworld venom is getting into her high school. She doesn't know who all is on it or how to get them off of it, because she knows nothing good could ever come of it.
Her stupid jock boyfriend isn't much help (as usual). I mean, he may be the only guy in school who is the same species as her, but he's really not that bright. Or useful.  His dead brother seems to have more brains.  Another thing Nash, said stupid boyfriend, does in this book that irritates me is that he's all, 'yeah, there's loads of human-esque Netherworld beings running around up here; it's not just bean sidhes,' and then goes into no detail.  I wanted to know how common these were, what they looked like, what I should do should I come across one, if any of them were dangerous, if any of them were suitable replacements for a useless bean sidhe boyfriend, etc.
Of course, because of the Demon's Breath, and because that hellion of greed Avari from My Soul to Save is still out to get Kaylee, all hell turns loose.  Literally.  Since these two incidences are linked, Kaylee is forced to save EVERYONE again.  She has some dead, or undead? help, however. And they're all just as pissed off as her.
Now, back to Demon's Breath.  This is worse than meth.  This is worse than heroin.  This stuff pretty much destroys you.  There aren't going to be any radio slots for former demon's breath addicts talking about their lost teeth and how all these people died because of them and how nobody likes them anymore.  Because there aren't any.  They just go nuts and are tormented by jerks like Avari, or they die, and are forever tormented by jerks like Avari.  So if something says 'hallucinogen,' think twice: it might not just be all in your head.

Next up in the series: My Soul to Steal

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