Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Soul to Lose -Rachel Vincent

Hey, are ya'll sick of me talking about Soul Screamers yet?  Because I'm not! HA HA!

This one was actually the first.  It's an e-book prequel, like Reaper, only it's about Kaylee, and it costs like $2.  It's another short one. I read it quite fast.
I really wish I had read this book sooner.  I mean, I really really really wish I had read this book sooner.  Like really, for serious, why oh why didn't I just read it online when it was free in 2009?
In this one, Kaylee does not know she's a banshee.  She has no idea why she gets these 'panic attacks' which make her scream uncontrollably and see shadowy things and get all freaked out.  This is because her uncle is a douchebag who REALLY ought to have told her, 'hey! you're a banshee.  i am too.  let's discuss.' But he didn't.
Instead, Kaylee ends up in the psych ward with all these people who are . . . well, they're in the psych ward. And then there's the doctors, who are clearly idiotic and never there, and the stupid rules, and it's like a prison, and the description is pretty accurate.
If only I had known.

If only Kaylee didn't have an idiot uncle.
I mean, he marries this woman who would sacrifice the souls of multiple people just so she can stay young like her banshee un-human husband, he takes in his brother's banshee kid and does not tell her anything about her heritage which she really needs to know so she doesn't end up in the PSYCH WARD, and her cousin is clearly treated way better by her parents than Kaylee is, which you really shouldn't do when you adopt a kid, even if it isn't your kid but your neice (STILL FAMILY, YO!) and then he sends his dumb wife to take care of her when she ends up in the psych ward, even though he actually understands the situation way better (seriously, was he hoping maybe she could just STOP being a banshee if they pumped her full of enough ativan and haldol?), and even after this fiasco he STILL doesn't tell her why she screams. Ugh.
Not that her father is much better, considering her ran off to Ireland going, 'wahhh my wife is dead, here bro, you take my kid, i want to go back to the Emerald Isle and mope for 15 years or so.'
Amazingly enough, Kaylee is pretty resilient to all this pathetic family care and develops into a very strong character and goes on to My Soul to Take and learns that way.
But before that, she meets an interesting character named Lydia in the psych ward who is not psychotic and actually understands Kaylee but won't talk, and I really wanted to know more about her (Rachel please bring her back?) but she is still a bit unknown.
This is the sort of book that you'll want to read if you're already a fan of the series.  If you read it without having read any of the others, you'll be all like, 'whaa . . . ?' and then you'll HAVE to read My Soul to Take just so you figure out what is actually going on.  But if you're already a fan, then this just gives you more background . .  and more questions.
And it will also make you try your damnedest not to end up in a psych ward.  That part was not exxagerating.  Not a bit. And I was glad that her uncle somewhat exonerated himself in the end.  Somewhat. I still think he needs a good whipping.

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