Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Soul to Steal- Rachel Vincent

She's done it again.
I think each book gets better.  Meaning if this series ended up with twenty books, the last one would be so good you'd probably faint just thinking about it.
However, I do not think there will be twenty books.  Unfortunately. But I still think everyone and their mother should read them.
I swear, this is like my new Harry Potter.  Only Vincent writes books faster and doesn't have the insanely huge following Rowling does.
So now, Kaylee is having problems with her boyfriend, who, as we all know, has acted like an idiot in the past, and she has to find a way to forgive him.  Throw in a few possessed not-quite-humans, some nasty demons, and jealousy galore, and you have My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers, Book 4)
Nash's ex-girlfriend, juvenile delinquent inhuman Sabine, has just shown up to try to lay claim to the damaged Nash and wreak havoc upon Eastlake High.  Meanwhile, Kaylee can't decide if she should forgive Nash or not, though she does know she doesn't want Sabine to have him, since, well, aside from being competition, she's a bitchy slut (personally I don't think having sex with your boyfriend in high school makes you a slut, but  throwing around all the 'ooh look at me i has sex lots and you don't' crap does). And of course, the newly-freed from Netherworld torture Alec is sleeping in Kaylee's living room.
Kaylee is not very popular in the Netherworld.  She just keeps showing up and messing up the machinations of the resident hellions.  While in earlier books I was all, 'Go Kaylee!  You and your Harry Potter complex are awesome!  Save everyone!' I now see why Nash did not want her getting involved.  Hellions can be hard to shake.  Much worse than Voldemort.  I mean, Voldemort liked killing and torturing people, but once they were dead, well, he couldn't do anything to their souls and they were pretty much free to be dead.  But when you have someone like Avari after you, well, that can be a little more complicated.  Hellions live in the Netherworld and can visit the regular world as well, and live forever, and also take possession of your soul and torture it forever, no free death cards. As in, Potter boy, you may have been the chosen one, but you ain't got nothing on Kaylee Cavanaugh.  She repeatedly puts herself in harm's way, and she risks more than death.
And she wasn't chosen, she just rose to the cause.
Now, if certain characters (*cough* Nash, Uncle Brendon, Tod, Harmony, Kaylee's dad) had given her MORE INFORMATION FROM THE BEGINNING, then perhaps some of the very bad things could have been avoided.
Nash may have been dumb, but he is clearly very sorry and is trying very hard to make things right, and what can I say, I just can't resist a hot guy who's sorry.  I probably would have forgiven him early on.  But that's just me.
Plus, he can be pretty useful, what with being the same species and having connections and whatnot. If she's going to fight off hellions, she needs him.  There are just not many suitable alternatives in her area.
And fighting off hellions is hard.
This book unfolds like a mystery and reveals more depth in the characters than they showed in the other books.  Kaylee's bravery is masking her insecurity, yet she still fights. She is a teenage girl, and she will have teenage girl problems, but when it comes to things that really matter, she's a lot more mature than most teenagers I know. I mean, I probably couldn't have faced down hellions when I was in high school, and I generally considered myself much more intelligent and mature than my peers.  However, if Kaylee were in my high school class, I think I would have wanted her as a friend. She's a badass. And now she's a badass with a puppy.
Yes, there are PUPPIES in this book.  But I don't want to spoil it for you, so no more details on puppies.
Instead, let's just say that this book has all those twists and turns,as well as the emotional turmoil, suspense, hellions, and death you can come to expect from Soul Screamers. 
Only, this one is better.  It has puppies. ;)

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  1. I can barely live a normal life I'm so focused on getting this book when it comes out! I love this series for the fantastic writing and characters and plotting and since I'm *old* (ahem, wrong side of 30 {okay, wrong side of 35}) I think that just goes to show what a great writer Rachel is. And now I can look forward to puppies!! A book isn't complete without puppies - yeah!!