Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recap on Assassin's Apprentice

See this book?
I reviewed this books here ages ago, and I even told you what it was about and all that good stuff.
However, I also wrote this review on Goodreads:

"This book made me realize a number of things:

1. I like the idea of killing people for fun and profit

2. You can't trust your uncle

3. I like men who whine a lot and play with dogs

4. I would like to read people's minds, but I do not want them to read mine

5. Poison is an interesting topic, and discussing it with strangers online can lead to tragic relationships with gay Nazis who live in other countries

If you keep these things in mind, you will be able to enjoy this book more."

For some reason, this particular review has collected a following, and I keep getting messages that more people 'like' it. 
I wrote this damn thing like two years ago. It doesn't really tell you what the book is about.
There are now 29 fans of this review.
I am trying to figure out the meaning of this phenomenon.
So far, all I can think of is that people like bizarre and elusive facts about my personal life more than real book reviews.
Understandable, of course, but it still doesn't seem right.
In fact, it seems wrong.
Very wrong.
Oh, but you should still read this book; I mean, I only read it like three times.

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