Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue Bloods- Melissa de la Cruz

I decided to read this because I met the author at ALA, and she seemed cool. And I figured that if I liked it, well then there's a whole series I can read.
I liked some parts of this book, but there were things I did not like.  Such as:
1. The brandname dropping.  Sure I've heard of Chanel, but since I'm not a fashion editor, it doesn't help me visualize their clothing when she mentions who designed it.  For all I know, she could have made 75% of these designers up.
2. The entire Force family.  Mimi Force was the biggest bitch and name dropper and I really wanted her to die.  Jack was . . confused, and whenever he tried to step out on his own his bitch of a sister and jackass of a father told him not to, so he did exactly what they said. And the jackass father apparently owned New York City.
3.  The  things that don't add up.  So Schuyler, the real main character but not the only POV character, is from an established family but they no longer have any money.  Yet her grandmother runs around posh tea rooms and hotels in her Chanel (yes, that is the only designer mentioned in the book I'd actually heard of).  How the crap does she pull this off if they have no money?
4. The Letdown of an ending.  It could be compared to the villain being Professor Quirrell instead of Snape, only it just pissed me off (yes, I compare EVERYTHING to Harry Potter).
5. The fact that 'Croatan,' which is an Indian tribe, meant 'evil blood-sucking demon.' Were I of Croatan descent, I'd be mighty pissed.

However, something about it was still interesting.  The bizarre secret society, Schuyler and her pal, the socially retarded Texas cheerleader who was ridiculously rich yet somehow you still liked her, the hatred readers feel for Mimi (please kill her off, please kill her off, please kill her off!), the historical references (for the most part), the interesting way they reincarnate, the fact that they all think they're insane when it turns out they're just remembering their past lives, the mystery of who is attacking all these vampires, the fact that Schuyler isn't the same as everyone else (not even the vampires!), and of course, the fact that there was a servant of the vampires named Renfield (but he unfortunately did not eat rats and flies).

So if you're the type of person who doesn't mind clothing designers' names being thrown about willy-nilly and the bitchiness of certain characters, and you do like weird ass vampire/angel/historical theory, you'd probably go for this series. I have a feeling that I'll read more of them, despite the fact that there were things that annoyed me.

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