Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Boy Book- E. Lockhart

This is a book in which Ruby Oliver studies the male of the species and tries to get a boyfriend and ends up getting absolutely nowhere, as usual.
When we last saw Roo, she was having panic attacks left and right and had lost not only her stupid boyfriend, but most of her friends too.
Not good.  But still somehow hilarious.

Now, she's starting her junior year at school and is attempting to put her life back together with the help of The Boy Book, which she wrote with her ex-friends back before they were ex-friends.  In this book (yes there are excerpts interspersed throughout the story so you get to read it too!), she becomes quite close with Noel (a boy), gets close to Angelo (another boy), hangs out with Meghan (a girl whose boyfriend is now at Harvard so she is suffering to the max), and wait, what's this?  Is she getting an ex-friend back?!
Well, she deserves it.  She and Noel, after all, have taken it upon themselves to protect said ex-friend from the alleged pictures of her enormous hooters that Cabbie (a boy we don't like) took at a party Roo wasn't invited to because it was at Ex-Friend #1's house (yes, that damn Japanese girl who stole her stupid boyfriend then turned everyone against her).
But wait!  Ex-Friend #1 is on an exchange program in Tokyo (nowhere near Seattle and therefore very convenient for Roo)!
This means that those OTHER friends she had are more readily available since they're not busy hating on her with Mean, Nasty Kim.
And Kim's boyfriend who is Roo's ex-boyfriend is getting bored.
Even though Roo still thinks about Jackson Jackson Jackson OMG Jackson stop thinking about Jackson STOP IT oh Jackson, she would really rather make him jealous (because it is way more fun to make exes jealous when they're shitheads-and you know it).
And so she meanders around with Noel, and Angelo, and isn't sure what the hell she's doing, and tries to use The Boy Book as a guide but for some reason it's just not working too well . . . I mean, how can you figure out what boys want if you don't even know what YOU want? They're really not as simple as you'd think, and some of them don't even follow the norm ( I know this because my husband is completely different from most guys and sometimes I think he's a girl, only he's definitely a guy, so that can't be).
While Roo's parents question her sexuality and she has issues with shrinks, she also deals with an onslaught of peers and gets an internship at the zoo because she told the Zookeeper that she wasn't sure zoos were good for animals and so they thought she must be very sensitive and in touch with how animals feel.
There is plenty of miscommunication, and plenty of 'oh, how great he is at boob-groping, my my my' and plenty of 'ohhhhhhh my, is that MY EX with ANOTHER another girl? SHAME!' which is always fun.
Because, see, being a teenager is like, bizarre.  Seriously. I didn't get it at all, which is probably why I had no friends, which now I think may have made it slightly easier since teenage friends are flighty.
Hmmm.  Now I must ponder adolescent psychology and compare it to adult psychology and in all likelihood, get absolutely nowhere.

Now look:  there are MORE Ruby Oliver adventures!

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