Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fearless- Rachel Vincent

Yes, this is a review of a short story.
It's in this anthology of short stories written by popular YA authors called Kiss Me Deadly.  I haven't read them all, simply because I haven't read all the authors.
But I HAVE read Rachel Vincent's stories.
Yes, I go on and on about Soul Screamers.  So much so that I am amazed I never knew there was a Soul Screamers story in this book.
But there is!  And it's good!
This is a story of Sabine and Nash, before Nash knew Kaylee and before his brother Tod became a reaper.
This is Sabine's point of view and her tale of going to that wonderful home for naughty bad girls.
Yes, Sabine was a naughty bad girl.  But she had her reasons.  And Nash helps keep her in line, keep her sane.  She doesn't know what to do without him.
Yes, I like Kaylee more.  She's stronger.  She's not normal, yet she embraces her abnormality and tries to do good. And Sabine . . . doesn't.
But honestly, there's not a lot she can do.  She absolutely has to feed upon people's nightmares or she will die. And no one likes her because she's so creepy.
Sabine is not only creepy, but needy.  But genius writer Rachel Vincent makes you actually see what it's like to be her and I, at least, kind of felt sorry for her.  Her life sucks. No one wants her, except for some reason, Nash.
I do not think I will ever understand what goes in Nash's head. He's completely foreign and unknown to me.  I have no idea what attracts him and why he does what he does.
But after reading My Soul to Steal, I didn't like Sabine at all.  Now, at least, I see why she is the way she is.
She has nothing going for her except, apparently, Nash.  And she lost him, and once she did, she HAD to get him back.
I began identifying with Sabine.  When I was younger, I would become so fixated on some guy that I HAD TO HAVE HIM OR ELSE I WOULD DIE.  Sabine feels this way about Nash.
Basically, this story introduces you to Sabine's character, her weird morality, and her messed up background.  It leaves on a very open ending, but if you read Soul Screamers, you do find out what happens next.
Personally, it made me think that there just aren't many good men in Texas.
Good thing I live somewhere else.
Oh, and I'm married and don't have to worry about any of that anymore, of course.

Don't forget to read these, too.  Prequels rock.



  1. I LOVE the Soul Screamers series, and I had no idea this anthology even existed! Thank you so much!

    I think it's awesome that we get to know more about Sabine. Seeing things from her point of view makes her seem less... evil. I can't wait to pick this up!

  2. I was pretty excited too. I just saw Rachel Vincent's name on the cover and started squealing, and so they gave me a copy (great thing about ALA; you show enthusiasm and then they pretty much force you to take it). I didn't know it was a Soul Screamers story til I started reading. Plus, there's lots of other good authors in there.