Thursday, February 17, 2011

Raising the Dead- Mara Purnhagen

You know how some books have that first line that makes you laugh but then after that you get kind of 'erlaccccccccgggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaa?'

This was one of those books.

Mind you, it did have some good parts.  I mean, it's about this hurricane that flooded a cemetary and the coffins went floating all over town!  That's how the dead were raised; not because they were zombies.

No, there is nothing wrong with zombies. But this was not about zombies.  Though they are mentioned.

I think I would have enjoyed this book more if I had read Past Midnight .  Charlotte kept refering to some mishap with a dead girl in a pink dress which I of course had no knowledge of.

I think it was also more of a teaser.  Some stuff happened, but you don't really know WHY everything was the way it was, an at the end, you're kind of like, 'erm, wha? What's up with Jeremiah?'

I also did not like that the characters had little to no personality. Here's a summary of a conversation between Charlotte and her best friend:  "Oh, so you think I should get over Noah?" "Yes, you should move on." "Oh, okay.  I guess." And most of their conversations went about like that.

I could tell she was irritated with her parents, of course, and their weird obsession with cemetaries and things.  I have to say, my mother dragged me to so many cemetaries as a child, I grew bored of them as well.  Of course, those cemetaries had people whose coffins were not floating around town.  They were in the ground as they were supposed to be.

And I did agree with Charlotte on the matter of disrespect to dead people.  It was mentioned that what was going on in the cemetary had 'archeological significance,' and as an anthropology major I had to learn about that stuff.  But it just drove me insane that people were running around digging up other people's graves just to see what kind of arrows they used.  I mean, if I end up buried instead of cremated, I would like everyone to leave me well enough alone and not dig me up to see what was used to fix my hair 'for science.'

Basically, I kind of felt that this book could have been better than it was.  It has a good premise.  But it just didn't grab me. 

Ah well.  At least it was free!

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