Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rebel Angels- Libba Bray

I think this is my favorite of the Gemma Doyle trilogy.
The second book by Libba Bray, this fabulous novels continues the story of Gemma Doyle and her friends in Victorian England and of course, the realms.
With one friend dead, and threats all over, Gemma's second exploit continues her lust for Kartik, the boy from India, while complicating it with another, Simon.  Simon, of course, is the 'excellent suitor material' character, though of course he's got his flaws such as getting all the girls drunk on the green fairy.  So classy of him.
Felicity, however, despises his mother and uses her powers to humiliate her. Gemma's father is like a Victorian heroin addict, only since they didn't have heroin back then he uses laudanum, the opiate that came before heroin and morphine. 
Ahh, the classic of the narcotics; laudanum.  I first learned about laudanum in Outlander, which of course takes place long before Victorian times, but I've never seen it in a YA novel before.  Neither have I seen absinthe in a YA novel. So this novel I think is somewhat groundbreaking when it comes to the lives of Victorian teenage girls in a YA novel. Not only do they not want to marry who they're supposed to, they deal with drug abuse! AWESOME!
Of course, there is quite a bit more going on than the lust and drug abuse; they have to 'save the world,' you know.  Plus there are still Gemma's visions, all kinds of teenage angst, Victorian men being jerks, etc.
Overall, it rocks.  You should definitely read A Great and Terrible Beauty first, but you'll probably like Rebel Angels even more.  And so you will certainly not be able to wait to get your hands on:

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