Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exciting Stuff!

First, I would like to make it known that I am collecting followers. With a bribe.
See, once I hit 57 (I like more random numbers) followers, then I will give away (for free!) a signed opy of Jackson Pearce's As You Wish.  This is a good book, and you want to win it. I highly recommend you start following so you can enter to win, once I figure out how to set it up (or make my computer genius husband to do it for me like I normally do).

Second, I'm getting a signed set of Iron Fey books by Julie Kagawa soon (sorry, I'm not giving those away at the moment; I'm way too pumped about it).  This has inspired me to finally read the books, and so far I am having a good time.  Looks like Harlequin Teen wins again. Right now I'm in the middle of The Iron King .  So I will be reviewing this series soon.  Thus far, what I can tell of Julie Kagawa is that she has a lot of the same interests as my husband, which makes me feel a bit confused.  The only difference is that she writes books about fairies and my husband has this idea in his head for a graphic novel which has no fairies in it (I will not divulge the details of this graphic novel because I do not want anyone to steal it so that he will always be free to write it).  Oh, and he's male and she's female, and she's not an Irish/Cherokee from Podunk, GA. BUT OTHER THAN THAT . . . it's very odd.  They'd probably be friends if they knew each other.

Third, and while this has nothing to do with books, I found out about this:

This means that all those paper cranes I make for stress relief will do some good in the world!  I highly encourage anyone else who likes origami to join in.  While I sell art, origami, and jewelry on etsy and am currently donating part of the profits to the Japanese relief effort, this is cool because each crane is worth $2.  So if I send them 200 cranes, and they get $400 for Japan!  I'm going to have like the BEST karma!  And since I can't stop folding the cranes, this could be the best ever.

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  1. Okay, I am taking you up on your bribe. I want that signed copy of As You Wish! :D