Monday, March 28, 2011

Masquerade- Melissa De La Cruz

So after reading Blue Bloods, I wasn't sure if I'd read any more of this series.  The constant designer name dropping was kind of annoying, Mimi was awful, and I was disappointed that Charles Force wasn't the evil one.
But then I all of a sudden had this urge to read book two, Masquerade, and it turns out that book two is about 1000% better than book one.
In this book, Mimi still exists, which is annoying, but it's quite clear that she's a total bitch and even her friends think she is, and then you get all these interesting revelations about her which will make you LARF with the ironic joy of it all.
Schuyler is developed more, and you get to know way more about her family background what with the appearance of another family member.  The prior plot of the Silver Blood attacks on the vampire angels is continued into this book, and it appears that people are beginning to listen to Schuyler about it! 
Now, I will say that this book reminded me of Harry Potter.  You know the whole, 'there's an evil plot element that's come back, and no one believes main character except for a few close friends and some wise older people,' which also happened in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.  However, Harry Potter was not a vampire angel.
Another similarity between this book and Harry Potter is the fact that some people are disgusted by Schuyler's 'half-blood' status. And of course, most of the Blue Bloods think Red Bloods are beneath them.
But that's not really the main part of the book.  The main part has to do with discovering what evil is lurking around, trials, an undercover agent, modeling gigs, uncovering the past, dark magic, Venice, how shallow people can be, angsty teenagers, and deciding whether or not it's morally repugnant to drink the blood of people. Which makes for a book that you just can't put down, and now I'm all, "yeah, I am SO going to read the rest of these books!'

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  1. This is good to know because I read the first 50 pages of Blue Bloods and was SO not into it. Put it back on my shelf for a while. At least now I know it'll get better. :D