Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweetly- Jackson Pearce

She has done it again.
You know, written a  totally fabulous book. Plus, this cover is AWESOME.
Jackson Pearce's latest, which you can pre-order since it's not out til August, is really good.
See, it's based on Hansel and Gretel, only iy has werewolves in it, meaning she'd have to really mess things up not to make that good.
Sweetly is the story of Ansel and Gretchen, whose sister Abigail disappeared in the woods when they were children.  Since then, they've lived in fear of the woods and wondered what it was that killed their sister.
Of course, it was a werewolf, only they think it was some sort of witch, and when their father dies and their stepmother kicks them out, they move to South Carolina, where their car breaks down, so they can't really get anywhere else.
They end up living in a candy shop with a pretty candy-maker, surprisingly enough.  Gretchen, a fearful, timid 18-year-old  who still misses her twin sister and hasn't exactly grabbed life by the horns, comes into contact with . . . more werewolves!
Now that she knows what it is that killed her sister, she wants to make it stop.  She doesn't want anyone else to disappear, and this is where Gretchen finds her strength.
She and Samuel, local werewolf hunter extraordinaire, start practicing shooting.  She wants to overcome her fear and she wants to make the disappearances stop.
This is what makes the book so good.  Gretchen's character is written so well and so believably, that you can feel her fear and you can feel her getting over it. You can see something of yourself in Gretchen, even if you have no problems with werewolves attacking (which honestly now, you probably don't), because most people have some sort of fear that they have to get over, at least at some point in their lives.
Since I felt Gretchen's fear so strongly, I actually got scared and didn't really want to go near the woods for a while.  THAT IS HOW WELL IT IS WRITTEN.
I like this book EVEN MORE than Sisters Red, because in Sisters Red, the two main characters are both already strong huntresses, whereas Gretchen has to learn to become one, and I think the transformation of a character throughout a book makes it better. Personally. The whoole coming-of-age thing, you know; that's why YA is so popular according to all the people whose theories I read while doing my dissertation.
So personally, I think you should read this book.  It's fab.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited for this book :D
    Jackson Pearce is AWESOME, and Sisters Red was amazing!! How'd you get the ARC?


  2. I got it from the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. ALA conferences are great; publishers really want librarians, booksellers, and bloggers to pick up their books to spread publicity. And it works; I've read some really good stuff that I picked up there!