Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Enclave- Ann Aguirre

It says right on the cover: For fans of The Hunger Games.
And I can see some similarities, but no, this is not The Hunger Games #4.
Enclave is about the post-apoc world of Deuce, who lives in an underground enclave.  Underneath New York City.
You know, in the subway tunnels.
And they say life above the underground, or Topside, as they call it, is much worse than life below.
So imagine living a life in which you never see the sun.
And you have to hunt rats for food.
And kill humanoid 'freaks' which attack like animals and eat humans and each other.
And you probably won't live to see 25.
And this is actually BETTER than living in the ruins of New York City?

Anyway, Deuce is a Huntress, and she gets paired with Fade as her hunting partner.  Fade is actually not from the enclave, but is from Topside, only he's not allowed to talk about it.  They're kind of strict in the enclave.  Don't want anyone to know what it's really like up there, because then what fun is there in exiling people?
Deuce is similar to Katniss Everdeen in many ways.  She is a Huntress who protects her enclave and feeds them, is extremely tough, but also has a soft spot.  She doesn't want to hurt anyone innocent but would kill to save them. She carries a club and daggers and uses them well. And Fade is a fierce Hunter, too, so they make a good team.
This book is full of action.  Life or death fights abound and you never know who to trust.  It has excellent sequences and there is the mystery of what happened to make the world the way it is.  The remaining humans have to fight to live, but according to Fade, there is a place up north where life is better.  
Enclave is so packed, it seems like saying anything about it will give everything away, and there are so many surprises I really don't want to spoil them for anyone because I enjoyed them so much. Enclave is a really good read.  It's great "for fans of the Hunger Games," as it says on the cover, but anyone who loves dystopian post-apocalyptic worlds or anything speculative about the future would enjoy this book.

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