Monday, April 18, 2011

Here Lies Bridget- Paige Harbison

I read this book in one sitting.
Yes, one.
That is far less than it's taken me to read anything else lately.
I just couldn't stop reading (except to. . . well, you know, the usual) until I finished.
If only things like this could happen to the Mean Girl in real life.
So here we have Bridget, who is a total snot bitch selfish little git, and she runs the school, makes sure everything, all the time, is all about her, and can't understand why anyone would not absolutely adore the crap out of her. I mean, she's BRIDGET, HELLO PEOPLE!
Then a new girl shows up at the school.  Anna.  Anna has all the personality traits that make people like her.  She's also pretty and talented and is pretty much what Bridget wants to be, only, well, Bridget is mean, and Anna is nice to everyone. And so, people start voicing how much they dislike Bridget, and things happen to people that are at least in part the fault of Bridget, and Bridget tries desperately to hang on to her glory.
It doesn't work.  So Bridget considers suicide to make everyone feel bad about not absolutely adoring the crap out of her.
And then, that's when she gets hit with being in the shoes of the people she's hurt. And she starts to understand why they don't adore the crap out of her.
I said this should happen to all the mean girls we know and hate, but I don't think it would work on all of them.  See, Bridget wasn't always UberBitch.  She used to be a nice little girl who just got out of hand sometimes and got hurt by other mean girls.  And so empathy finds her again.
However, there are some mean girls who were always that way.  And I don't think any show of "Look what you did to him/her/them" would ever make them feel bad, and it might make them feel better. Yes, I have a certain one in mind when I write this, and no, I won't say her name.
But this book does make you wonder how you've affected other peoples' lives, whether intentionally or not.

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