Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the Arms of Stone Angels- Jordan Dane

I have to say, this book is rather fabulous.
Seriously.  I was completely hooked.
It's about a girl named Brenna who sees dead people and often spends the night in a cemetery.  She worries that maybe she's schizophrenic, and she hasn't been happy in two years.
That was when she saw her best friend standing with a knife over the body of a dead girl.  And ever since then, he's been in a catatonic state in a mental hospital, not even lucid enough for a trial.
No one much cares for Brenna; they all think she's a freak, and they don't like her friend, Euchee Indian White Bird.  So life is difficult for Brenna.  Being an outcast, she often doesn't get to have her say and is accused of things she didn't do.  She also is a target for the other people her age.

But after visiting White Bird in the hospital, she feels the need to find out what exactly happened and how to get White Bird out of his torment, even if it means going in the face of what other people want.
This book is suspenseful, and has a murder mystery wrapped around the supernatural.  There is a strong Native American influence which you don't see terribly often in YA for girls.  Sure, they had Quiluete Indians in Twilight, but believe me, this is COMPLETELY different and much more believable.
Reading this book is quite an experience.  It's nigh impossible to put down, completely engrossing, and subtly romantic.  The viewpoints of the other characters give you suspicions about what actually happened without really giving it away, and the conclusion is quite surprising, not to mention dramatic.
I felt like Brenna was similar to the main character in Numbers, which I reviewed not too long ago.  This girl also had a connection with death, though a different type of connection, and similarly feels unwanted.  Both of these books are excellent and suspenseful.
It took me a while to find this book in the bookstore, which is kind of depressing, because it's so good it really needs to be faced out on display.  This is certainly a book many people could enjoy, and shows that Harlequin Teen has struck gold again.

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  1. Ah, Anni--Thanks so much for hunting down Stone Angels and giving a new author a try. I'm glad you're open to a different kind of book too. Love what you said in your review and thanks for spreading the word. That makes all the difference sometimes. You're the BEST! Happy reading...