Sunday, April 10, 2011

Real Live Boyfriends- E. Lockhart

And finally, what appears to be the final Ruby Oliver book. E Lockhart has brought back the loveable and neurotic Roo for a fourth book, this one taking place during her senior year in the Tate Universe.
Roo thinks everything is great with her Real Live Boyfriend, but then they grow apart.  It's a communication thing, you know, since Roo doesn't explain things so that the male of the species has any idea what she's talking about (and sometimes the female as well). And males don't always explain things so anyone can understand them, so clearly, there are issues when they get together.
This book is just as delightful as the first three.  If Ruby Oliver was on facebook, her relationship status would probably always be, 'It's Complicated.'  And yet, some people still want her updates.
As you will note in the title, boyfriends is plural, so there are multiple boyfriends in the book.  And girlfriends, too.
Let's take a look at some completely out of context quotes, just for a laugh:

"I'm sorry I'm a gay Chinese penguin."

"Finn would never leave me crying on the street talking to a mailbox."

"Who would I be without my self-loathing?"

"I am excellent with goats."

So there.  As you can see, Roo is still up to her shenanigans.  Kim and Cricket are still horrible people all around, but there are other people who continue to not suck, and some who suck for a awhile and then stop sucking, and OMG!  Ruby's mother is INSANE!  It's like full on bonkers in this one, and Ruby is the one in therapy (I suppose she would be, after living with this crazy middle aged woman; I personally don't think I could take it)!?
And another nice thing about this book: Jackson already graduated.  GOOD BYE JACKSON!  HAVE FUN BEING A DOUCHE IN COLLEGE NOW!

It's a great book. Go.  Read it now. 

Unless of course you need to read these first:

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