Sunday, April 17, 2011

Revelations- Melissa de la Cruz


As the title reveals, this book is about revelations within the Blue Bloods society. While Masquerade revealed many things, this book ends up revealing more in the end.

As usual, Mimi Force is a total bitch and Schuyler is still yearning for Mimi's immortally bonded twin, Jack Force.  She is now living in their ridiculously huge house because she is weirdly related to their father (yes, everyone is always weirdly related in these books; what with 'immortal bonds' and people not actually being other people's children but the blood of some immortal soul dumped in a body).

Schuyler's friend since childhood, Oliver Hazard-Perry (Way cooler a name than Jack Force; Oliver is hazard-ous) is still in love with her, so there is a sort of love quadrangle thing going on, and Bliss still likes the confusing person that is or isn't Dylan and isn't really friends with stupid Mimi anymore, and strange things are afoot.

Schuyler's grandfather runs off to Brazil because of some sort of Silver Blood threat, leaving her feeling somewhat neglected and so she turns to a somewhat . . . erm, illicit? affair with a certain someone in the quadrangle. 

It's actually quite hard to review this book without giving away the entire plot, so let's just say you'll be all sorts of "WTF?" when it gets towards the end.  De la Cruz does a good job of twisting people and plot around, making you second guess yourself and everything that happens in the story.  Since two of the girls have modeling careers, there is still some talk of clothing that you may or may not find at all interesting, but the constant brand name-dropping that was in the first book has pretty much . .. erm, dropped off. Instead, there is much more character development through plotting as opposed to what the characters are wearing, which is certainly a plus (but not a plus size. There is no one plus sized in this entire series, I swear.  They make me feel fat as a size 2, these Blue Bloods).

I'm most certainly looking forward to the rest of the series, but right now, so much has been revealed that I fear I must review something else next for the sake of variety. In the meantime, check out what's next for Schuyler:

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