Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Winter's Passage- Julie Kagawa

Yup, still reading The Iron Fey!
Winter's Passage, an e-book novella that comes between The Iron King and Iron Daughter, is one of the small delights Harlequin Teen offers to fans.  Many of Harlequin Teen's series have short e-books which will be offered for free for certain periods of time, and then are sold (still as e-books only) for low prices.  I have reviewed some of these before- remember  Reaper, My Soul to Lose, and Raising the Dead ?  Those were all Harlequin Teen e-books too!
What these books do is fill in gaps between or before the main novels in the series. Winter's Passage tells of Ash and Meghan's journey from the human world to the Winter Court.  I enjoyed it because it develops the characters more and because it tells a story that might not otherwise be told.  But I don't think people who have not read  The Iron King  would particularly enjoy it since they would be a bit lost as to why things are happening.

To me, however, who HAS read The Iron King , it was delightful.  I got to see Ash and Meghan and Grimalkin again, and they were just as much fun as before (especially Grimalkin- there's just something about cat characters that can really steal the show).  This little free story I got to read on my cute little Kobo made me think, 'Oh! Whatever will happen next? I'm all pumped up for more fey!' and really introduces you to the Winter Court of Queen Mab- where all the fun in Iron Daughter will be taking place.
As in The Iron King, Winter's Passage is addictive and inspired- I felt like I was in the midst of multiple stories tumbled around in a fairy haze.
So far, there is one burning question for me: why do the fey absolutely HAVE to do what they swear they will?  What happens if they . . . don't? I mean, Ash swore to kill Puck, and they're still fighting it out because they HAVE to, it was SWORN, man, you can't go back on that! But of course, in the real world, I go back on what I say all the time and nothing really happens except maybe someone will get mad every once in a while.  But whatever fairy law they follow, which I suspect may not be answered because this is fantasy, is going to drive me nuts unless it is answered.
So, to sum up, Julie Kagawa, WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU LIE IN FAERYLAND?

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