Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!

So, my birthday is next week.  Also, it is my husband's birthday and our second anniversary. Yes, all on the same day.
To celebrate this trifecta of awesome, I am having a giveaway!

Yup, and all you have to do to win is follow the blog and comment.

But what will you win? 

In case you didn't notice the amazon link to Sisters Red, I will tell you that the prize is a signed hardback copy of Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce.

As you all know, a signed copy of a book is always better than an unsigned one.  The only case where this may not be true would be an e-book.  You can't really sign those.

This contest is open INTERNATIONALLY, meaning everyone can enter!  Huzzah!  I do this because I am worldly and generous even though international shipping IS more expensive.

This is how you enter:

1.  Follow my blog (+1).  If you've been a follower, you get an extra point (+2).
2.  Leave a comment on this post with your email.  Put it in this format: myname AT email DOT com (+1)
3.  If you tweet this contest, you get another point! Please leave me a link or your twitter name so I know you're not lying (+1).
4. Follow me on twitter (+1) for another entry.

So your total possible entries will be between 2 and 5.  Please add up your entries in your comment.  I will randomly select a winner from all entries on June 30, which is the day of the Awesome Trifecta.

Good luck!


  1. Whoa, that IS an awesome day! Three great things to celebrate, in one! And this is an awesome giveaway!

    lolitamuse9 AT gmail DOT com

    Been a follower: +2
    Email: +1
    Following you on Twitter: +1

    Total entries= 4

    By the way, just in the unlikely case I win, I'm going to be out of the country on vacation until July 10th, so I won't be able to respond to any emails until then.

    Thanks again for this awesome giveaway! :) Good luck to everyone!

  2. Keri/Twilighter1981June 20, 2011 at 8:12 PM

    Well this rocks! Happy Birthday/Anniversary!! How fun!! :))

    Twilighter1981 AT gmail DOT com

  3. Holy smokes, that alot of awesome to pack in one day! :D Happy Birthday(s) and Anniversary! <3

    Been a folloer! (+2)
    Email: spazzydragon13 AT yahoo DOT com (+1)
    Following you on Twitter. (+1)

    Total = 5