Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cryer's Cross- Lisa McMann

I decided to read this book based on recommendations from people on the Twitter #YALitChat a few weeks ago.
And it was good too.
This book is a quick read and is sufficiently creepy and the main character is OCD.
OCD manifests in different ways.  I have a friend who compulsively cleans everything because of it, but Kendall, the main character in this story, has to have everything straightened a certain way and has to count things.
OCD really doesn't make sense to most people who do not have it. And it doesn't make sense to most of the people who know Kendall.
But her big problem, and the problem for most of the people in town, is the fact that some kids disappeared.
First it was a student named Tiffany.  Cryer's Cross is a tiny town with a one room school, but they still couldn't find her.
Then it hits closer to home when Kendall's best friend/boyfriend disappears.  The town goes through and searches again, but cannot find a single thing.  No evidence, no suspects, nothing.
This makes it harder for her to deal with her OCD.  On top of that, the soccer team is now too small to play against other schools, and soccer helped her control the OCD.  So she lost a friend and a favorite sport.
But one of her old neighbor's family just moved in to town.
At first, she's suspicious of them, but after a while, she gets to know them better.  She struggles with her feelings for the new soccer player extraordinaire and the guilt she feels over her friends' death.
Meanwhile, nobody has any idea what happened to the two teens.  Kendall starts having impossible suspicions and doesn't know if it's just her being crazy or if it's actually real.
There are secrets in Cryer's Cross.  Big secrets that have been all but forgotten.  But they may be the key to the missing teenagers.
This is the first book by Lisa McMann I've read, and I think I'll be reading more.

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  1. I loved this book, it was definitely creepy and the pace was fantastic! so glad you did too!