Friday, June 10, 2011

If I Die- Rachel Vincent

There are no words that can truly describe how amazing this book was.
I've been a Soul Screamers fan since the beginning, but this one totally blew them all away.
It all began with My Soul to Take.  I got a copy from a friend of mine and was immediately hooked. After reading My Soul to Save, I was in love. Then I read My Soul to Keep and I accidentally got addicted to Demon's Breath (okay, so I didn't but some other people did). By the time I got to My Soul to Steal, I had one of those compulsive obsessions not unlike the one I had with Harry Potter.
If I Die has made Soul Screamers my #1 Top Favorite Series.
Upon receiving my advance copy, I soon devoured the story, unable to stop reading. This book makes a huge turning point for the series, and there was so much going on that I couldn't get it out of my head.
Kaylee, in this book, finds out that she's on the reaping list, soon to die.  Tod is the bringer of bad news in this instance since he is a reaper and is privy to this sort of information.  While her father tries to figure out a way to keep her alive, Kaylee is trying to do the things she wants to do before her demise.  Nash is terribly upset all the time, Sabine is over the moon that Kaylee will soon be out of the way, and Emma is just sad about it.  However, Kaylee is very concerned about the new teacher at school.  After discovering the evil this teacher is capable of, Kaylee becomes determined to keep him from hurting her friends.
Needless to say, Kaylee is under a lot of stress.  She only has a short period of time in which to finish living her life, and being Kaylee, she is more concerned with the lives of the people she loves than her own (though it does concern her quite a bit).
She has to seek help from her friends, and ends up spending a lot of time with Tod, since he is able to do things her living friends are not.
She also makes a visit to someone from her past, and we finally get to find out what sort of creature this person is (I've been wondering what this character's deal was since she showed up in My Soul to Lose).
This book is immensely satisfying, full of action, plot twists, and new developments that you never saw coming.
I would rate this book 27 out of 5 stars.
Yes. It was THAT good.

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  1. I need an answer to one question...PLEASE...Who does Kaylee end up with nash or todd? Great Review BTW, :D