Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Iron Daughter- Julie Kagawa

This is the second installment of Julie Kagawa's endlessly creative Iron Fey series, and I have to say, I was most certainly not disappointed.
Her first, The Iron King, was an excellent start to the series.
You can view my review of The Iron King  here.  I quite liked it, and you should too.
So now, Meghan Chase is sent to the Winter Court where Queen Mab hates her and she's confused as to whether Winter Prince Ash likes her or not because you know, royalty is like that, and then when they're fairies, they're even worse.
And then all sorts of stuff happens.  You know, like people betray each other and die and all that.  It's very exciting, to be sure.
Then Meghan has to go off to find a missing piece of fey importance to stop a war. This is when it gets really fun.
Along the way, she sees some old friends and an old enemy who has now become her friend, and they all work together with some outcasts from the fey world to try to and get the important thing back (no, I won't tell you what the important thing is; you just have to read it).
They end up spending time in the fey world, the human world, and the in-between world.
This book is an excellent follow up to The Iron King. While in the Iron King there was a lot of world building, The Iron Daughter takes off with exceptional plotting.  I honestly had no idea what would happen next or where they would end up or who they would meet.  Since they went to a few places they hadn't been before, there was some more world-building, but as in the first book, it was unique and inspired.  The little details in the book really made the characters and the world seem real.  There was more description of the various Iron Fey and how they affect the worlds (yes, worlds; that is not a typo). Meghan is a very likable character and I will warn you that whenever someone insults her you may feel indignant about it. She's realistic and easy to identify with; she's loving and protective, AND she has cahones (figuratively, of course).
I love Kagawa's faery world.  I just adore how inventive it is.  She takes old stories and gives them really interesting twists that you wouldn't expect.
I suggest that you get started on this series.  There's more coming, and it looks to be just as awesome as what we've gotten so far.

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