Saturday, June 11, 2011

Torment- Lauren Kate

Okay, I put off reading this for a while due to the overwhelming number of other books I had to read and the fact that I wasn't POSITIVE it would be good.

I liked Fallen, but I didn't LOVE Fallen, but I felt the need to buy Torment because it's so pretty!!!!!! I even have a t-shirt with the cover on it because yes, I am THAT DORKY.

I started out listening to it on audio book. I've been listening to audio books in my car to cram in more reading time.  And for this one, I actually liked the narrator.  Her name is Justine Eyre, and she had a pleasant voice and could change her voice enough that most of them time you could tell which character was talking.

But after I think about CD #5, I decided I couldn't wait till I had to go somewhere to finish the book. So I just found my place in my old-fashioned hardback copy.

This continues the story of Luce and her angel boyfriend who is cursed to fall in love with her reincarnated self over and over and then watch her die soon after.

 It's very tragic.

What I loved about this book was that Luce starts to question their relationship.  Sure, they've been together thousands of times over the years, but she doesn't remember that.  Only Daniel does.  She feels all swoony when she's with him, but other than that, he doesn't tell her much of what is going on.  They don't talk that much, and so their relationship is based on things Luce has no knowledge of.  And the more she thinks about it, the worse she feels.

She's sent to a school in California, where they have a special program for nephilim (part angel/part human) students and so starts learning about things.  The shadows that used to scare her, she finds, are actually announcers.  They come to her with views of things in the past which pertain to her in some way.  She starts manipulating them, trying to find out about her tragic past, and then starts feeling worse.  All these families and friends she's had over the years have been devastated by her untimely death, over and over again. Thousands of times, thousands of people.  And she feel bad that it's because of her love for Daniel and his for her that this keeps happening.

Were I Luce, I would of course get caught up in the whole tragic love that lasts millennia, but when I really thought about what happens, I'd feel like it would be fair to myself and everyone else I love were I to break this pattern, leave Daniel to himself, and go find someone safe to love so I could be happy and avoid hurting so many other people.

So Luce is struggling with this and with not knowing what's going on with this demon and angel war, and who is on which side, and what the HELL is going on.  Meanwhile, she's been making friends at her new school, one who is a sweet nephilim boy who really likes her.  This means there's more of that teenage angsty romantic confusion we all know and love.

I also liked this one better than Fallen because it had less religious overtones and made the whole thing seem like some kind of paranormal fantasy war that  wasn't about who was baptized and who wasn't.
I found the ending of the book interesting, and I'm glad the next one, Passion will be out soon. 

It has a pretty cover too.

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