Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hex Hall- Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall? Is that like, Hogwarts or something?
Sort of.  It's a school for witches, warlocks, demons, fairies and even vampires. And it's in Georgia.  And it's only for the ones that get in trouble. So it's kind of like Paranormal Reform School.
I was reminded of the Sword and Cross School from Fallen.  This was a reform school, and it was in the same state as Hex Hall (unfortunately the same place where I reside unhappily), but for some reason that school had a bunch of angels as students and no one seemed to know about it.
Hecate Hall, as it is properly called, is full of students are very well aware of the other types of students who reside there.  Everyone knows that Beth is a werewolf, and Jenna is a vampire, and Elodie is an annoying witch who thinks she owns the place.  So, like a normal high school, there are cliques and groups and prejudices and all that lovely adolescent crap.
So, our main character, the terribly ignorant and confused witch, Sophie Mercer, ends up at this school.  At first, she has no idea what is going on since her Warlock father has never actually met her, and she was raised by her completely human mother.  It may sound a little Harry Potter, but Sophie's mother never locked her in a closet and she has no use for a magic wand.  The classes are also a bit different; some of them involve beating the crap out of other students.
Sophie is extremely likable; very snarky, very full of amusing pop culture references that no one else seems to get and apparently has a dark family secret.  Secret as in, she doesn't know, but some other people do, so she feels like a total imbecile all the time.
Her roommate is pink-loving lesbian vampire Jenna who is also a bit of an outcast seeing as she is a Creature of the Night and everyone is convinced she killed this witch named Holly.
There is also this whole thing about various groups of humans who want to kill all these un-people.  So instead of Voldemort running around killing humans, you have humans running around killing magic people.
Of course, some of these special magic people do awful things, too, so both sides are guilty.
This is a pretty quick read, seeing as I actually finished it in one day.  The ending is not quite what you expect.  Sophie does not defeat the most evil wizard of all time (there are no wizards anyway) and she does not win the House Cup (there isn't one of those either).  Some people die and some people turn out to be bigger jerks than once thought, and it's not exactly a happy ever after.
Saying that, it does mean that the sequel has more potential!  Huzzah!  So of course I started Demonglass today.
I suggest you go read Hex Hall, and then check out these:

Spell Bound (A Hex Hall Novel) this one hasn't come out yet.  But you should pre-order it or something.  It's what the outcast kids are doing.

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