Thursday, August 11, 2011

Linger- Maggie Stiefvater

Yup, I decided I needed to know more about why girls love both wolves and boys.  So I read the sequel to Shiver, which I reviewed the other day.
Linger is not quite the same as Shiver.. For one thing, there are more character POVs.  You not only get Grace, Sam, and Isabel, but also this new guy named Cole. And Cole is really screwed up.  I liked reading Cole because I didn't like him much.
Of course, I hated Isabel in the first book, but when you see things from her point of view, she's not as annoying.  Plus she helps the wolves, which I personally think is a nice thing to do regardless.  Her family is horrible of course, but pretty much everyone has a terrible family in these books.  I mean, we have Grace who is sufficiently ignored by her oblivious parents for years and Sam whose parents tried to kill him. Cole's parents expected him to be some sort of genius wonder boy so he went off and rebelled by being in a band and doing whatever drugs he could get his dirty hands on, showing that while his parents at least meant well, they just weren't the right parents for him.  Isabel's parents are rich jerks who get drunk and hate each other and yell a lot.  And her dad likes to kill things, especially wolves.  So while sometimes you don't like the characters much, you can kind of see that they were shaped by the people around them.
I think, weirdly enough, that the person I identified with most was Sam.  Not only did he work in a bookstore (which I have done), but he folds origami cranes like mad (which I do and can't seem to stop.  It's an addiction).  I also have scars on my wrists like he does, only mine were um, not inflicted by my parents 
Now, I like books in which bad stuff happens.  I believe in a world where things don't always work out well because that is how I have experienced it.  The fact that all these characters are so horribly misunderstood rings a bell with me.  I think as teenagers a lot of us feel that way and sometimes we still feel that way when we're grown.  It's just one of those crappy things about life.
So while these people are being misunderstood, taken for granted, and rebelling, more BAD STUFF happens!
Yay, lovely exciting bad stuff!  I know for a fact that Maggie Stiefvater likes to make readers cry, and I appreciate this quality in her.  The werewolf disease becomes more complicated than previously thought (it's not just a temperature thing after all) and there is death.  Yes, death in this book.  As well as near-death, illness, drug abuse, nudity and German poetry.  All of these things are fabulous, with the possible exception of German poetry.  That's on the quirky-but-not-fabulous end of things.
I still think this series is pretty much GIRLY, because there's the agonizing romance, but if you like that sort of thing, and you like wolves (which we have previously proven that girls do) you'll probably like these books.

Next book in the series is . . .


  1. Love your review! I felt pretty much the same as you did about the book. :]

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